Adulting is Fun & Fabulous, Friends!

Do you ever have those times where a good day or moment flows over into the rest of your day or week? That’s me this weekend and next week. I know that yesterday and today are setting me up for an incredible week ahead of smiles and laughter and peace. Because yesterday I spent the day with friends creating unforgettable experiences.

One friend I see pretty regularly but the other not so much because she lives a while away. It was a beautiful reunion. We felt so grown up. We reminisced for like half a minute about how wild our get togethers used to be but how civilised and ‘adult’ our reunion was now six or seven years on! And for the rest of the time we caught up on the now and got super excited and encouraged by each others’ plans for the future.

Rather than a night out on the town til 3 or 4 am, we were sipping prosseco, sampling various flavours of teas and eating yummy scones, cakes and sweet delicacies at Davenports Tea Room in Northwich! (It was heaven).

Isn’t it nice to look back and see how far you’ve come? And it’s even more inspiring when you look back and see the beautiful path of a shared journey with close friends.

I can’t share with you even a percentage of the whole story of my friends’ journeys, but their thens and nows are like night and day. And we therefore appreciate the beauty of their current situations so much more having realised the stark contrast between the past and present. (Read ‘The contrast theory’ for more on that.) Does that make sense? Personally, days like these and lives like theirs give me hope that the best is yet to come; their lives are testament to this.

I appreciate this is a bit of a soppy and majorly reflective post, but I just thought I’d share a little bit of my weekend beyond my Achilles tendon recovery. And share a little bit of a lot of appreciation for the wonderful people in my life! I’m truly blessed! But enough about me…

How is your weekend going, guys? Get up to anything exciting so far?

Adulting is fun, remember!


3 thoughts on “Adulting is Fun & Fabulous, Friends!”

  1. I love the photo of your friends on the trampoline. Thanks for the reminder that adulting is fun. It’s very easy to loose sight of this when you’re supposed to be a grown up.

    1. Yay! I’m glad it helped. I definitely agree. Sometimes we do lose sight of the fun and enjoyment of life when we’re going through a series of lows or life isn’t quite how you expected it to be!

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