Sharing my Story to Motivate and Inspire Startups 

Motivational Speaking is such an adventure. On Sunday I was invited to motivate and inspire a group of soon-to-be business leaders at a Business Plan Writing Workshop for startups at Rise (a site sponsored by Barclays) in Grindsmiths on Deansgate in Manchester. It was an honour and a pleasure to share my story of setbacks and triumphs and to then receive such positive feedback both of how touching and powerful my story was and also of how it did the job – I inspired! Thank goodness.

Every time I am able to share my story to inspire, I feel fulfilled and purposeful.

It gives meaning to my struggles and further fuels my desire for continued and higher levels of success.

Not only that, these opportunities give me the chance to connect with people I would possibly never have engaged with otherwise. It allows me to hear their stories and to then be refuelled and encouraged by their hopes for the future – of their own and mine. I’m truly living a blessed life. (But I’m also still walking through one of the most heartbreaking times of my life ever too.) That just reminds me of a key practice for putting a smile on your face in the downtimes: raise your perspective to see beyond your troubles and focus on your blessings. Live with thanks always. 

Anyway, I’m doing just that. And I’m very thankful for my awesome weekend. God is good!

CHALLENGE: Do something this week to inspire and uplift somebody’s world! Let me know how it goes…


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  1. My life in retirement focuses specifically on this topic. Helping people achieve the quality of lives they choose is a mission I take very seriously. Sharing science, clinical experience, compassion and awareness about health challenges isn’t the “end all” solution, but it lets people know that perfect strangers care enough to take their time and offer their skills to help.

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