5. Inspire, Olympic Games, Resilience - The Bounce Back

Unstuck. Moving Forward.

It's been a while. I had nothing to say before, but now I think I do. Back in a Team GB & NI vest for the third time this year, I can't believe the complete u-turn my athletics career has taken over the past 12 months. For an update, check out past posts. But I'm… Continue reading Unstuck. Moving Forward.


What do you do with your inspiration? 

When you are inspired, what do you do with your inspiration? I asked this question on social media because I wanted to invite a discussion on this. I wanted to know what happens after I leave the stage and the auditorium and walk away feeling encouraged by the positive responses of 'thank you for sharing your… Continue reading What do you do with your inspiration? 


Sharing my Story to Motivate and Inspire Startups 

Motivational Speaking is such an adventure. On Sunday I was invited to motivate and inspire a group of soon-to-be business leaders at a Business Plan Writing Workshop for startups at Rise (a site sponsored by Barclays) in Grindsmiths on Deansgate in Manchester. It was an honour and a pleasure to share my story of setbacks… Continue reading Sharing my Story to Motivate and Inspire Startups 

Business, Success

Motivational Talk @ Kitchell Corporation

I am always thankful for any chance I am able to share my story, to encourage others to go after their dreams, challenge their fears, doubts and misconceptions of ‘impossible’, and to move forward from each failure. I know a lot about failure because I’ve had a lot of them, and this is what they’ve taught me about success.