Motivational Talk @ Kitchell Corporation

So I conquered the nerves and successfully completed a motivational talk at Kitchell, a construction company with offices in Arizona, California and Texas. The turn-out was great and the employees were so welcoming and interested. (It’s always nice to look around the room and see engaged – as opposed to bored – faces!)

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Life Lessons & Blessings – Overcoming Everyday Struggles

So I keep asking God when my time will come. Because I know as Christians we have to trust in ‘God’s perfect timing’, but at the same time missing out time and again on major championships or being unable to fulfil my potential is getting really depressing. And I mean that in the truest sense of the word. Failure is changing me. And I guess the most important thing for me this year has been to figure out how to not allow failure to corrupt me – my personality and my happiness. Because it has a habit of being destructive … Continue reading Life Lessons & Blessings – Overcoming Everyday Struggles