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Love like it’s your last day on earth

I’m on page 1 of the first chapter of the book, ‘Courageous Leadership‘ by Bill Hybels and I’m already compelled and inspired to blog. This book is certainly going to be a transformative one!

Bill just mentioned a day that changed the world – the day the Twin Towers fell, 11th September 2001.

The words: ‘Three thousand ordinary people died that day, most without an opportunity for a final embrace or even a last goodbye‘ convicted me in an instant.

How many times do I leave the house without even saying bye to my Mum, let alone giving her a big, warm hug? I’m naturally warm and friendly to strangers and friends. On quick reflection, that may be to do with the fact I see them once in a blue moon, for short bursts of time – a couple of hours at most – and then we depart. (Absence makes the heart grow fonder, I guess? Hmmmm. Genius statement!) Whereas right now I’m currently living under the same roof as my mum (and it’s a daily challenge to remain calm and display loving behaviour when I’m in the middle of work and I am interrupted for what seems to me to be a trivial matter). I need to be more loving and patient in some instances. And I’m glad I’ve been reminded of this area of development in my life by this one sentence – brief yet profound. (Thank you, Holy Spirit!)

So here’s the final thought. Sometimes (a lot of the time) I can take family for granted, as though they will always be there. But that isn’t the case; we will all die. It is simply a matter of when. And I don’t mean that in a terribly foreboding way, but rather to spur you and myself on to display love always! 

Therefore, from now on I’m living with a ‘love like it’s your last day on earth’ mentality.

Who’s with me?!

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