2021 Reflections – How to Review & Reflect for a Better Tomorrow


I’ve created a podcast – Define Your Success – available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Have you listened to any episodes yet?

You can also watch one of the episodes on YouTube about the power of conviction and commitment to accomplish the hard, but important and valuable things in your life.

That’s one BIG ‘thing’ that has happened in 2021.

What else?

And why am I sharing this post?

Reflection is good. It’s good to take a moment to review – whether it is a personal or professional review of life, education, career, etc. or whether it is narrower review of a piece of written work, such as editing a blog post or reviewing a talk, speech or lesson, or even reviewing a training session or competition, e.g. the ‘debrief’ of my Olympic Experience on my disappointing performance in the Tokyo Olympic Final. I’m using these as real-world examples of how I choose to review and reflect on a regular basis in my own life.

But what could this practice look like for you? And how will it benefit you to review and reflect regularly too?

Okay, hopefully you’re thinking about your answers to those questions. Whilst you’re figuring that out, let me continue to share some more reflections…

I competed at my first Olympic Games! I’ve spoken about this several times here and here.

I am continuing to survive and thrive through a whole two-year pandemic! (Who would’ve thought we’d still be dealing with this mess of a virus?!)

I bought my first home! That was pretty cool. Signed the dotted line at the end of August and finally moved in mid-October after a bit of renovating.

I fell into and out of a not-for-me relationship that I remained in for longer than I should have. Praise God for revelation, clarity and trust in His faithfulness. What does that look like? Not worrying that I’m ‘too old to be single’ and ‘my biological clock is ticking’. Choosing my actual contentment over my Mum’s perception of what that should look like, e.g. being married (even if it’s with the wrong person) with children. And letting go of the good to create space and open hands for God’s best – for us both!

So, let me encourage you to review and reflect in your own life?


To see how far you’ve come and applaud yourself for the successes you’ve probably forgotten about!

To see where you are. Whether you’re ‘failing’ or ‘flying’, acceptance is the first step in the bounce-back and on the path of excellence!

To set goals and processes to achieve those goals in 2022 and beyond.

Because it’s not where you are or where you’ve been that defines you; it’s where you want to go and who you want to be! Why? Because your future is still unwritten – you write the story as you live your story. (And yes, I believe that God has a plan and purpose (Jeremiah 29:11 NIV) for every single one of us, so why not say a prayer to ask for guidance in what your future story will look like. I imagine the vision of what’s to come will surprise you!)

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2022, friends.

Love Abs xo

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