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How wanting less gives you more!

HOLD ON!! !It’s Mother’s Day in the UK and the sun is shining!?!


I had an inspired thought today whilst basking in the sun’s yellow glow – an unusual occurrence mid-March in the UK. (Not the thought; just the sun.)

I am celebrating this sunshine even though it is a measly 12 degrees Celsius! And because of this celebration, I began to wonder, how did this happen? How am I so joyful about this small small sunshine?

And then it hit me: The Gratitude Journal!

Practicing gratitude everyday heightens my awareness of even the smallest mercies that I can be thankful for. This splendid sunshine is just one of many incredible instances in my life where I can practice gratitude.

Pause. Give thanks. Do it every day. Come rain or shine.

‘Practicing’ gratitude may sound like an odd concept, but sometimes, as you may have realised when life isn’t going the way you want it to, gratitude is not a natural thing. Your default position may be ingratitude, wants and not good enough.

“12 degrees Celsius?” I sulk, like a petulant child. “This time last year I was in Arizona where the sun shone EVERY day and it was at least 25 degrees Celsius! This is not good enough!”

The weather and way of life in England isn’t the same as what I was used to in Arizona,” I moan in frustration and disappointment. “I want more than this. I want to be back in Phoenix!”

I use these as real-life examples of thoughts I may have expressed in past moments of ingratitude.

Thankfully, I am becoming increasingly mindful to use moments like these to persistently practice gratitude instead.

It is a practice. It may not happen overnight. But once this habit of thanks in all circumstances is ingrained within you, even the smallest, seemingly insignificant moments will have the power to touch your spirit and make it soar.

In what areas do you want to express more gratitude?

What ‘I want’ moment can you change to an ‘I’m thankful’ moment?

And if you’re still not convinced about this philosophy, just practice thanks daily for 10 days and see the positive changes that will occur in your life.

Simply put: give more thanks to get more joy!


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