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Speechless: What silence will teach you

I have no words. I’ve lost my voice. I can barely speak at a whisper, and last night I discovered that me straining to speak at a whisper is doing more harm than good. In this case, being quiet for a few days is the healing remedy. Has anybody else ever suffered from laryngitis?

(That was me writing this draft post back in January!)

Back then, I tweeted: I never understood the idea of somebody losing their voice…. until today. There is literally NO sound coming out of my mouth…. not even a whisper. MIND. BLOWN! … And upon realising the speechless thing was not a one – day, short- term problem, I tweeted this word of wisdom: Also apparently I have laryngitis. I genuinely believe physical attacks are often caused by mental, emotional & spiritual stresses. So let me realign with purpose, reset my priorities and reduce my workload... Thanks, body for the reminder. ✌ … So this is what silence will teach you, or most physical challenge – sickness, illness, disease, accident – that is seemingly random.

  1. Realign with purpose – have you lost focus? We are a quarter of the way through the year but how many of your New Year resolutions are still standing? That promotion you were working towards or the house you’re saving for, do you remember the why behind the what? Here’s a practical solution that you can do right now to realign… list your goals now. Write, draw, colour, type them up somewhere you’ll regularly view them. Now reflect over your list for a moment. What is ONE word that connects them all? That’s your purpose. Here’s mine: live with love and excellence. It’s short, sweet and easy to remember when I get off track. So find yours and realign!
  2. Reset your priorities – Have a think about your resolutions again? How far off track are you? Don’t attack yourself for being off course. I knew from the start of the year that I was doing too much to be focused on the MAIN thing so back in Jan when I lost my voice I had really been delaying the inevitable. If you don’t take a moment today to rejig your schedule to prioritise your priorities: family, health, etc. Then you’ll be forced to do so by sickness or another challenge. For me, I was forced to cancel 2-3 days of meetings and tutoring. But it gave me an opportunity to clear the way for my priorities: faith, fitness & family.
  3. Reduce your workload – because I’m self employed/a business owner, I work 6 days a week (Mon-Sat) which means I often only get a one – day weekend. At lunch the other day, my friend asked me the same question I’m about to ask you: when did you last take a holiday? A holiday doesn’t need to be abroad. It can be an extended weekend of rest at home from work, or a visit to a nearby town or whatever you enjoy and can afford. Back in late January I realised my last proper break was at the start of November. Even December over Christmas was a restless period. I KNOW my disposition and how I do need to reduce my workload every 4-6 weeks for a short break, but I ignored this and then my body forced me to acknowledge the need for a break. If that ever happens to you… jump all in. Take a few days off. Better yet, don’t reach breaking point where you’re forced to chill out due to ill health. So…When’s your break scheduled and what are you going to do?


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