Patience – The Fruit of the Spirit

“So when you’re in the car I bet you’re the type of person to switch the radio station if a song you don’t like comes on?” Personally I change stations each time the DJ plays a song I dislike. Yet, here’s my training partner telling me he hasn’t switched his radio station ‘for about six months’. Now that’s what I call patience….or insanity! He told me to give it a go, so I did...


Keep Smiling!

I have recently been incredibly inspired by an absolute soldier of a woman smiling hard through all her adversity. And I had to share because smiling (and prayer) helps me get through a lot of the bad times too. Smile. We all know it is important to smile through the hard times as well as… Continue reading Keep Smiling!


The ABC of Contrast: My understanding of the Contrast Theory & why it exists

The Contrast 'Theory' is an inescapable truth of life yet most of us spend half our lives fighting its presence. Break it down to ABC (appreciation, balance, creativity) to understand, apply it and create healing, growth and positive transformation in your life.