Miracle Monday

My New Daily Prayer 

Jesus was born in a stable. Yet became the Saviour of the world. From terrifying & humble beginnings to being resurrected and eternally worshiped, there’s a reason for it all. Don’t be afraid of the pain. This is my prayer in the storm of confusion, in the midst of the ‘Why me, why now, whyyyyyyy?” You can use it too. God’s got us. 


LORD, please give me a heart that accepts what you give me in life – good or (seemingly) bad. But even in the (seemingly) bad, in the midst of the storms, I pray I’ll keep praising You with a smile and thanksgiving. 

And I pray that I’ll always have the faith, courage and conviction to ask You for my heart’s desires knowing that they’re in line with Your will and therefore trusting they will come to pass. 

Help me to believe that You desire the best for me, and Your thoughts for me are for my good, not my demise. 

Help me to be forever thankful no matter what; to remember my blessings and stay hopeful for my incredible future. 
Thank You for Your enduring love and faithfulness.

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