Why Wait For Any Good Thing?

This post started off as a moan, which is one of the easiest ways for me to get my thoughts out to reveal the positive, productive parts of my psyche. But don’t worry, it ends with a challenge for us all! 


Why is it so hard right now to write about something? Why do I feel so uninspired?

I had such a great weekend at my good friend’s hen do celebrating her last few weeks of singleness before she weds in September.

THAT would be something great to share with you. And yet it feels too sacred, too private to share right now – something that is her business rather than mine to share, if that makes sense? Also, it’s one of those weekend’s where ‘You had to be there’ rings true! We played rounders at a hen do. Bizarre, huh? You had to be there. We drank prosecco and baked cakes. Housewives in the making we are! You had to be there. And then there were the undercover, crazy highlights that definitely won’t be included in this post. You had to be there. And it was my first ever hen do. I’m 26 and it was my first. I’ve been to quite a few wedding ceremonies already, but this was my first hen. And if all future hens are anything like this, I’m excited for my next one! (Although it’s two-days post-partem and I’m still feeling groggy and as though 9 hours’ sleep last night and 10 hours on Sunday night was just not enough. Sigh.) Minor sleep deprivation seems to be what you get when 12 buoyant ladies in a celebratory mood get together for a weekend of prosecco-aided celebration.

But back to my lack of inspiration…

I bought an ‘inspiration journal’ at Waterstones the other week. Which was ironic funny because at the time I was in FULL writing flow – posting a blog every other day or so. But, just like an ant prepares hard in the summer for winter, clearly buying that was my act of preparation for my winter aka inspiration freeze.

The tagline is: ‘Why wait for inspiration to strike? Ignite it here.’

I haven’t even yet opened the book because the tagline in itself is INSPIRING. How many times do we WAIT for something we can ACTIVELY get hold of if we just took a step out instead of sitting on our tushes and expecting the miracle to drop into our laps?

I think in the middle of this whole grieving process and figuring out what my next step in life is I’ve taken this rather uninspired approach of ‘waiting’ in life. I’m thankful that last week though I forced inspiration, took action, praised for breakthrough and gained clarity on my next steps. I can’t wait to share my vision with you in the coming weeks or months as things unfold. But mostly I just want to end this post by encouraging you to not wait for the inspiration to strike. Take action. Do what you must to ignite the fire of —- in your life. (Fill in the gap.)

What do you need most? For me, it was clarity, direction and before writing this it was INSPIRATION. I pushed through and I got there (after waiting yesterday and through half of today to start writing for fear of being unable to say something worthwhile). Perhaps you are waiting for your dream job, church on a Sunday to praise and pray to God, your friend to go on holiday with because you can’t go alone (you can! I did it here.). Maybe you are waiting for Monday to kick-start your healthy-eating regime or exercise routine. Maybe you are waiting for next year to apply to college or university for whatever reason. I don’t know! But YOU DO! So I’ll ask again…what do you desire? What is your ‘inspiration’?

Find it and live this challenge today.

Challenge: Don’t wait for —- to strike. Make it happen now.

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