Sports: An Achilles Tendon Rehab Program & Videos – Week 11 Post-Op 

Wednesday Nights of Fire Church Prayer Night fuelled my week!

Here’s my 11 weeks post-op of achilles tendon rupture update! It’s quick but exciting.

Do you ever have a story to share that makes you absolutely over the moon buzzing inside but you know won’t make sense to most people as to why it has you absolutely jumping for joy? Basically, words won’t explain my pleasure of week 11 progress, but hopefully this video will….

….particularly if you contrast it to my week 8 update video half way down that blog post (here).

I can’t wait to share more exciting updates with you from this week when I get some time to sit down and write!

What exciting updates do you have from this week so far? Don’t forget to be EXPECTANT for your BLESSINGS this weekend!

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  1. Congratulations. There is nothing like the feeling of PROGRESS and SUCCESS. Stay motivated as always, and keep looking forward to what waits on the other side of the horizon!

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