The Power of a Passionate Purpose

This morning I’ve woken up rested; no alarm, no snooze.

When that happens I feel as though I am invincible; as though I can fulfil all my wildest dreams and more.

Want to know how to do the same so you can feel the same or even better?

Go to sleep with a passionate purpose

I always do this, but this time it was fuelled by self-reflection and (to-be-implemented) daily review.

Last night, I got back in to journaling for the first time. I am determined to make this old habit new again. It takes 10 minutes/1 A4 page each evening and gives you time to reflect on the day – what you’ve learned, what you’ve enjoyed, your victories and, if you don’t already have a gratitude journal, an opportunity to write down three things you are thankful for from that day. Fancy joining me on this re-commitment?

Next…serious question: how do you eat an elephant?

If you know the answer, are you applying these steps to your life. If you don’t, find out and share your response about how you’ll apply that to your life in the comments below.

Finally, I’m back to the ‘rule of 10’ or ‘just 10’ principle with these extra minutes of alertness this morning so thought I’d make the most of it by writing this quick, unedited (yikes!) post.

But I can’t end without sharing with you my latest joy experience: bringing AMPLIFY Learning experience to Manchester High School for Girls, Whalley Range Manchester. My sister was in the audience (picture below) and at the end walked up to me with her posse, gave me a big hug and announced, “I’m so proud of you. ” I gushed! My baby sis! Awww.

What are you doing today/this week/this month to inspire a healthy pride, inspiration and all the other positive healthy emotions in those around you?

Pray on it, think on it, do it!

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