Striking a healthy balance

How I felt on Monday...
How I felt on Monday…

So it’s the day before Friday, and I really do want to be good and keep up this #FoodieFriday #FabulousFoodie blog series!

‘What should I write about?’ were the five dreaded words running through my mind today.

Food, of course. But, I’ve not been the greatest role model this week in terms of healthy food-spiration. At the start of this week, I dined a.k.a. binged with friends at Byron Burger, which I instantly regretted a quarter of the way through my Oreo cookie 4-scoop ice cream milkshake. First of all, even forgetting the fact I am most definitely lactose-intolerant, the milkshake was the straw that broke the camel’s back; I was stuffed! I think the proper term for this is ‘overeating’ or ‘binge eating’. And I promise I won’t do this again…

But honestly, I really need to sear the feeling of pain and discomfort into my brain for future reference so that when the time comes to choose between another sip/bite or saying ‘I’m done’, I can put my fork down, lower my straw, and bow out in dignified silence. You’re not a failure if you say, ‘I’m done.’ You certainly are not letting down the ‘starving children in Africa’ if you leave food on your plate. But your gut will thank you if you walk away ‘satisfied’ rather than ‘stuffed’.

Leaving the restaurant as an uncomfortable, greedy Abi and a bloated tummy, I remember the first thing I thought after eating that – ‘my poor gut!’ Not only did my gut a.k.a. digestive system now have to digest more than it was supposed to – and more than it could handle which meant the excess was being turned into fat (just fabulous!) – it was also having to handle digesting an enzyme I know it is intolerant to.

So how do you and I stop overeating, its effects and symptoms? We all make mistakes and ‘fall off the wagon’ from time to time, but don’t beat yourself up about it! Clearly I’m not perfect. Nobody is. (Remember when I wrote about the Perfectionist fallacy?) But when you start to eat something you shouldn’t, or you over-fill your plate and think it’s okay to keep going, take a moment to think about your poor gut. Just pause for a moment and be mindful of what your body is saying. Is it really saying, ‘take another bite?’ or is it asking you to stop. Focus on why you are eating, not just what you are eating. Are you really hungry or are you simply consuming an extra-large bag of popcorn and a large soda because it’s what you do when you watch a movie or film? (I fall into this trap sometimes!) Every ‘treat day’, grab a small treat, take a bite or three, but please don’t overdo it!


And, reminding you all that I’m only human and I make mistakes each and every week here are this week’s #FoodieBloopers

  1. Replacing fries with a salad at TGI Fridays…by accident! This was an airport food dash, and the second time I’ve ever been to TGIs (first time also in an airport) so don’t judge me. I’m clearly not familiar with the system. And the worst part? I actually didn’t miss the fries until I saw the table next to me with a portion of fries with the same meal as mine. I felt duped!

    This is the moment I realised I had no TGI fries!
    This is the moment I realised I had no TGI fries!
  2. Ordering a bun-less burger, but then overloading on an Oreo cookie 4-scoop ice cream milkshake. Need I say more?
  3. Almost consuming a raw turkey leg (I actually ate a small bite too! ARGH!)

    Be careful, Abs! Replacement protein for the time-being was a glass of milk. Sad times. Rishi Tea for dessert ;)
    Be careful, Abs! Replacement protein for the time-being was a glass of milk. Sad times. Rishi Tea for dessert 😉

And here are a few things I got right this week, that may help you on your healthy eating journey too… #FabulousFoodie

  1. My Brita Filter Fill&Go water bottle is my new best friend and only cost me $13.59 at Target! An honest review? It truly is clean, great-tasting water on the go! I’m so used to drinking water straight from the tap at my home in Manchester (you can’t do this everywhere in Manchester), and it is a blessing I can now keep doing this in Phoenix, Arizona too. The other day I purchased two bottles of Icelandic water for $5. I love Icelandic bottled water, but I don’t think that’s a sustainable nor sensible everyday purchase.

    Icelandic vs Brita Filter. What's your fave?
    Icelandic vs Brita Filter. What’s your fave?
  2. Cashew nuts have replaced my protein balls featured as my ‘go-to’ handy snack in last week’s Satisfying the Sweet Teeth post. A handy hint? Always check the label for ‘portion control’ so you’re not falling into the overeating trap with this healthy protein snack.

    You can grab a handful of cashews with a piece of fruit for a nutritious healthy snack :)
    You can grab a handful of cashews with a piece of fruit for a nutritious healthy snack 🙂
  3. Sleep more. That is my goal for life! If you know me you will know I absolutely adore sleep. It is like one of my top 5 favourite things in life. I have been failing to recharge my batteries fully lately, but because I keep being reminded that there is an intrinsic link between sleep, nutrition and exercise, I am trying hard to get back to my best sleep personality to make the most out of my training program. And so should you. Did you know: sleep deprivation may inhibit your ability to lose weight? Now you do, will you sleep more? When I figure out how to do that again, I’ll let you know!
A good night's sleep is as important as nutrition and exercise!
A good night’s sleep is as important as nutrition and exercise!

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