Bye Bye Thanksgiving Turkey Hangover!

After my first ever Thanksgiving dinner in November 2014, we had leftovers that we were eating for the rest of the week.

This year, post-Thanksgiving meal, I’m lay on the couch regretting all my food decisions today. (The leftovers are even more plentiful than last year.) But who told me to eat rice and chicken stir fry for breakfast, garri and okra soup for lunch, and pepper soup, jollof and plantain for dinner? Sorry if all those foods sound alien to you! In plain terms, I’m stuffed. Whereas last year I enjoyed my first taste of this American holiday with cornbread (AMAZING), ‘candied yams’, and deep-fried turkey (changed my view of turkey forever – YUM!); this year I did Thanksgiving Americanah style – first generation American-Nigerian style.

Jollof and plantain
Jollof and plantain

I’m so sleepy (think: food coma) I can’t even string a coherent sentence together. Thankfully – if you overdid it a little like me – I’ve a trick to get over your Thanksgiving holiday lethargy and to help you (and I) lose the lbs we have just put on over the last 12 hours. Continue reading “Bye Bye Thanksgiving Turkey Hangover!”