Hasta Luego, Marbella!

“Hasta luego, Marbella!” 

I’ll be back to visit you VERY soon!

As I’m taxiing out on this inaugural Easyjet flight from Gibraltar to Manchester, I can’t help but begin to reflect on one of my most beautiful week-long holidays ever. Neither pictures nor words can ever do an experience justice – unless you’re an incredible writer or photographer of course – which is why I suggest you plan a visit here asap. (Especially considering the potentially negative implications of the recent EU Brexit win, over the next 2 years visiting the whole of Europe will be high on my “to do” list!)

So to go alongside the 11 awesome things to do when you’re holidaying alone in Marbella post, here is a shorter but equally sweet…

Four Fabulous things to do across the Costa del Sol!

[1] Visit the cheeky monkeys atop the mountain of Gibraltar. It costs £6.50 per person to ride the cable car up to the top if you’re unable to make the what I imagine to be an incredibly beautiful and scenic hike up as well as a fabulously fun form of holiday exercise. (So fun, you won’t even realise you’re burning calories!)


Caught in the act!

[2] Kite surf in Tarifa- the southern most point in the whole of Europe!
You get the best of two worlds on the beach and grasslands of Tarifa – sunbathing and surfing. Sunbathe for a couple of hours on the sandy beach or a little behind on giant bean bag recliners and chairs free on a first-come first-served basis. Then as the first winds blow get ready to set out on the open water. It’s an incredible sight. From clear sea and skies to the first kite in the air, by the time the wind fully picks up (this happens within an hour after the first bluster) the expanse is filled with the colourful display of kites and the sea is awash with boarders bouncing about on the waves. I got so excited being able to watch this relatively new watersport so up close and personal and I’m certain, after chatting with a few instructors & surfers (Ed from Suffolk, UK and Josh from Perth, Australia) I’ll be trying my hand at this within the year! Surf’s up, dude! (Cringe, I know. I’m sorry.) And if you want to check out some lessons and prices beforehand, Ed instructed with Tarifa Air Force.

I think it would be unfair for me to not insert here that I had one of the most wonderful tour guides ever who planned out ALL of these adventures and littered my extended weekend out here with a whole host of wondrous facts about everywhere we visited or passed on our travels. We did so much I wouldn’t have time to write about it, but if you ever have the chance to visit Marbella – if you’re in Europe, visit Marbella. Full stop. I just don’t even think there’s a proviso to that. Whether you are 2, 22 or 100, you’ll love it. Sun, slopes (apparently only a couple of hours drive away in winter), surfing, shopping! Fine wines and dining. Beautiful people with beautiful personalities. Have I sold this Spanish region well enough yet? No? Ok…

Drinks at the poolside by candlelight at Trocadero Sotogrande

[3] Wine and dine: breakfast, lunch, dinner and cocktails. Obviously you don’t have to do all four everyday. I struggle to eat a lot when abroad in the sun anyway. But do give this lifestyle a try. (Here is a list of my top 5 Places to eat and drink in Marbella). Personally (as one who loves the simple things in life) one of theeee best things about eating and drinking on the Continent is the fresh orange juice, which I drank on a couple of occasions and on my final morning switched it up with a mimosa aka cava & orange juice. Please please please try this at home your holiday home (over 18s only!)

Fresh squeezed orange juice & toasted croissants by the harbour


[4] Shopping! I didn’t do any shopping because traipsing around the shops with my super attractive (not) and unsurprisingly not-walking-friendly walking boot was not my idea of relaxation or fun. But there’s one location here, Puerto Banus that is referred to as a ‘playground of the rich and famous’ with a ‘high number of designer clothes and jewellery shops’. Even if you can’t afford anything, I was told the vibes itself and spectacular ‘St. Tropex’ feel were worth the visit. My leg said ‘no’, but maybe next time!

So what would I love you to do next? Like I mentioned above, my words or pictures will never do the experience justice, nor will it do you any good to live vicariously through me. Why not book a trip to Marbella yourself? Too crazy? Too much like hard work? Let me help you out…

I stayed at BlueBay Banus booked with on a half-board status and my return flight cost just over £100. (I simply Googled ‘flights from Manchester to Marbella’). I also booked only one week in advance, so it was a really inexpensive, worthwhile last minute deal. I’m sure you can find one too. And if you can’t find anybody to travel with, go alone. Here’s why. Any more excuses not to go? Didn’t think so! So what are you waiting for?

And after you visit drop me a link to your review or share a comment about your experience. I’d love to read it!
Buen viaje, amigos! 😉

Thanks for reading.

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