5 Fun Things to do in Chester

I visited Chester with my three younger sisters last Sunday (a week today) and we enjoyed such an incredible adventure together. I love days like these where positive, loving memories are made and at very little financial cost too  (bonus!). The journey was probably just less than a 100-mile round trip and the activities’ prices range from free to cheap-as-chips. Better still, the emotional rewards are priceless: loving memories, smiles and laughter all equate to improved well-being.

So if you take a trip to Chester, here’s a few musts I want to highlight:

(1) March along the city walls

The weekend before, I marched along the York walls after one of my best friend’s wedding days singing, “The Grand Old Duke of York!” That partly significantly inspired my Chester jaunt, to be honest. That should be all the info you need to tell you just how fun this activity can be. I particularly enjoyed the sights and historical significance of each section of the city walls. There were plaques everywhere detailing all the city’s ancient history (including reminding us of King Charles’ demise where his armies were defeated on 24 September 1625). I left the experience a couple of Olde English quiz facts wiser. Fun and educational! Bonus points.

(2) Pet the Birds of Prey.

Falcons. Vultures. Eagles. Oh my goodness. It was incredible. Please please please visit the Chester Cathedral Bird Falconry & Nature Gardens. You will be contributing to the upkeep of an incredible home for the birds and you’ll have the chance to watch these birds of prey up close and personal. You can even hold a few of them…if you’re brave enough!

(3) Relax in the Cathedral Gardens

The architecture is breathtaking. Thankfully, I was able to view this on a beautifully sunny day. It was the perfect light. Unfortunately, my phone died in the Falconry from a combination of me being too unprepared to bring a portable charger and the fact I was ridiculously snap-happy, eager to catch every single moment of the bird show and our march along the wall! Sorry!

The gardens are well-kept. My sister, Isabelle commented on this feature in particular to positively distinguish Chester Cathedral Gardens from the Manchester Cathedral Gardens. The latter, according to her, needs a little more regular care and attention…

This lazy vulture only came near me for food.

(4) Munch ‘Roly’s’ fudge!

I have a sweet tooth. In fact, all of my family has a sweet tooth. It’s not good for my cavities, nor for my waist line I suspect. Nonetheless, in a battle between sweet treat and discipline, sweet often wins. (Unless I’m preparing for an Olympic Games, of course!)

Oh my fudgeness (soz. I couldn’t help myself!)! These freshly made batches of fudge are so worth the lifetime on the hips! Four days later, I’d only just finished the fudge I bought on Sunday (I bought 4 pieces but they are so sweet I can only take a couple bites at a time). My faves are: sea salt and vanilla. Yum. If you can’t get down (or up) to Chester from where you are, there’s this same shop in York and they are across the UK, so check out their website for the nearest branch to your location. Even if it’s a long (ish) drive away, get going. You won’t regret it!

(5) Travel with one or several loved ones.

A couple of months ago, I travelled alone for the first time ever. And I ADORED it. It was a great week for me to clear my head and create thinking space to move forward after a very significant, potentially negative change in my life occurred. I advocate for holidays alone, I really do, but here’s the thing: human beings are intrinsically designed for connection and belonging. Science says so. And so do my feelings when I spend too much time alone!

This trip alone would have been inspiring and intriguing. I would certainly have learned a lot and smiled at the many ‘wow’ moments along the wall. But the trip was imbued with more joy and fun thanks to the beautiful girls I travelled with. This trip therefore became the highlight of my week. It really made me truly appreciate the value of positive connections to uplift and bring joy. I love my sisters. And I love spending quality time with them.

Can you tell?

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