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14 Years Later… I’m Going to The Commonwealth Games!

I first competed at the Commonwealth Games (albeit the youth version) in 2008. Fourteen years later, I've been selected to represent Team England at my first (real) Commonwealth Games (the Commonwealth Youth Games doesn't count at the Senior performance level). If I'm honest, this one has taken longer to achieve than my Olympic dream. In… Continue reading 14 Years Later… I’m Going to The Commonwealth Games!

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Excellence with Empathy – Healthy Leadership for Yourself & Your Teams 

I run a business. I’m also a very type-A, hard-as-nails, okay-with-criticism type of person. I see all the faults and all the flaws. I’m hard on myself and others. It’s a little bit of my perfectionistic nature coming through. It’s a toxic trait, perhaps.  But it’s also very helpful. It’s why I’m great* at consulting,… Continue reading Excellence with Empathy – Healthy Leadership for Yourself & Your Teams 

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More Than An Athlete with British Champion, Naomi Metzger

A podcast partial-transcript of key quotes, links and facts from a conversation with 9 x British Triple Jump Champion, Naomi Metzger on what she does aside from sport - dabbling in NFTs, cryptocurrency, blogging and brand collaborations to give athlete's ownership and empowerment around their own stories.


Simple Bible Study Tips – Old Testament & New

I'm writing this post to answer a question that has been bugging me since the weekend. On Friday night, I joined a Bible study with 'Christians In Sport' alongside my fellow athletes - national and international - at the Birmingham Grand Prix that took place on Saturday 19th Feb. The question/my concern was that whilst… Continue reading Simple Bible Study Tips – Old Testament & New


2021 Reflections – How to Review & Reflect for a Better Tomorrow

Hi! I've created a podcast - Define Your Success - available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Have you listened to any episodes yet? You can also watch one of the episodes on YouTube about the power of conviction and commitment to accomplish the hard, but important and valuable things in your life. That's one… Continue reading 2021 Reflections – How to Review & Reflect for a Better Tomorrow

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The Olympic Experience – Tokyo 2021

But that's not what I want to share with you in this post; I want to give you the insider's view of the Olympic experience, including shadowing my steps from my arrival at Heathrow airport, Terminal 5 to the Team GB holding camp in Yokohama, Japan to entering the Olympic village filled with athletes from countless sports and nations across the world and my first look at the incredible stadium - devoid of people, but filled with the weight of expectation and thick with the anticipation of competitors, coaches and citizens of Japan, volunteering to guide, encourage and cheer us on. Are you ready? It's a long read...

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Professional Development – What’s your retirement plan?

Am I thinking about retiring again? Well yes, but not anytime soon! This is more of a reminder to athletes out there to prepare for life after sport and some of the options to help them do that, especially for those on the UK Sport WCPP and British Athletes. Find out more...

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Cairo, Egypt – Travel Diaries

Egypt would never have been my first choice of off-season holiday destination. My vision for this final trip before returning to a hard winter of training was sun and relaxation. And Egypt didn’t seem like the best destination to achieve this.  But, honestly, I got all I wanted with the bonus of a new cultural… Continue reading Cairo, Egypt – Travel Diaries

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My Olympic Debrief: I’m An Olympic Finalist + BONUS Coaching Tips!

When finishing 11th in the world feels like failure. That’s what I originally wanted to title this blog in the immediate aftermath of my Olympic final. But thankfully I’ve had a week to reflect. (I drafted this blog on 10th August!) With friends, family and fans of the sport sending encouraging messages and celebrating my… Continue reading My Olympic Debrief: I’m An Olympic Finalist + BONUS Coaching Tips!