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4 Healthy, Home-Cooked Meal Ideas to Get & Stay in Shape

“It’s not fair!”

That’s what I heard a couple of times last week when training in the gym and at the track.

“It’s not fair that you have a body like that.” 

Erm. I actually think it is fair.


You get out what you put in.

If I feed myself with junk every day, I’m not going to look good. But if I make a choice to do what’s fair to myself and my body, I’ll have a fair advantage over others who choose not to eat healthy foods.

It is fair, therefore.

And, thankfully it’s not just myself who benefits from this advantage.

You can too.

I am very upfront and honest about my eating habits and training regime. If you want to know anything, just ask. I’ll answer honestly. Promise.

In previous posts, I’ve included a few healthy eating tips and tricks from batch-cooking once or twice a week to how to eat healthy meals when eating out and making healthy food choices when travelling. I’ve even discussed vegan-friendly recipe options (The Daniel Fast), which also includes sugar-free diets and eating well on a small budget. But my last #FabulousFoodie post was in 2016. So three years on, although I still abide by the content in that series, I’ve grown and discovered more.

Future posts will therefore discuss: Intermittent Fasting, Healthy Snacks (and not-so-healthy/really unhealthy, but I don’t care today snacks), my thoughts on smoothie bowls and more.

If you can’t wait for me to update my website (at the moment, this happens from every week to every other month), follow me on Instagram and check out my Healthy-Eating ‘Highlights’.

Here’s a snippet of my diet in pics (+ explanation below) over the past month or two…

Top Left: steamed asparagus, broccoli, salmon, red bell pepper, sweet potatoes (skin-on). I basically stuffed all of these ingredients into my Russell Hobbs three-tier steamer for 20 minutes and voila! It was supremely filled. I don’t normally stuff so much in. And I would recommend that you also fill each section slightly less than the picture below.

Top Right: burned baked broccoli (I overcooked this in the oven whilst trying to ‘multi-task’ and forgetting about it!) 20 mins at 180C is sufficient. Lentil burger (recipe here). Egg-fried rice (made with one egg). Baked red onion.

Bottom Left: Baked veg (red onion, cauliflower) + white rice + thai mixed chicken & veg stir fry.

Bottom Right: Spicy chicken wings + baked veg (broccoli, red cabbage, sweet potatoes, red bell pepper)

Recognise this? This is what I refer to as ‘batch-cooking‘. I made 5 full, balanced (veg/protein/carbs/fats) meals out of this recipe that took about 20 mins to cook and 10 mins to prep. Yay! (The fifth meal refers to the final extra meal in the photo collage above.)

So, that’s it from me. But, now it’s over to you!


Cook one of the meal ideas above, take a picture or quick vid, tag me in it and share! #FabulousFoodie

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