Satisfying the Sweet Teeth

As much as I’m very much in favour of healthy eating, I would never suggest you cut out all the fabulously fatty sweet, chocs, and candies without offering you an equally delicious alternative! And that’s what this and future posts will aim to provide – the alternative healthier options! Who knew there were easy ways to be healthy on a daily basis, eh? Well, I now do, and I would love to share what I’m learning with you (as well as sharing details of my failed attempts at keeping on the healthy bandwagon! I’m human after all.). I have the biggest sweet tooth (teeth) out there, and I have had a gazillion fillings, a root canal, and all sorts of other magnificently disastrous dental issues to prove it! Alternative for me is a must. So, trust me when I say I’ve finally found the secret to unlocking healthy and tasty in your life! Whether your goal is to keep all your teeth, reach your ideal figure, lose weight, get more toned, or to feel healthier and happier whilst passing on good eating habits to your friends and family, keep on reading… Continue reading “Satisfying the Sweet Teeth”