My Top Two Pasta Dishes of the Week

Spaghetti bolognese (minced meat & chestnut mushrooms) sprinkled with grated cheese.

Two pasta dishes in one week.

I’m officially living a lockdown lifestyle.

This unusual habit (I haven’t cooked pasta/ spaghetti for at least a year, I think) all started because I’ve been ridiculously hungry for over a week.

And before that week, I’d been binge- eating sugary foods – biscuits, cookies, chocolates and sweets.

And before that week, I’d been forced to return home from my planned 8- week warm weather training camp abroad in the Phoenix desert, followed by the final month in sunny, festive Florida.

So basically, I’ve been all out of sorts for about a month.

Anybody else feel this unsettled?

Thankfully, my solution to the latest issue – being desperately hungry ALL THE TIME (even after eating!) – was to go back (for a few days) to a carb- heavier diet.

And what‘s the heaviest carbohydrate per portion I could think of? The carbs I’ve been avoiding for years, of course – pasta!

And, do you know what? The plan worked.

Pasta with pesto, red cabbage, broccoli and mackerel fillets drizzled in hot tabasco sauce.

I’m no longer clutching my tummy and rummaging through the cupboards to fill the empty nothingness of my stomach (exaggeration, I know but I was genuinely in pain pretty much every waking moment). (I’m actually partly sure this is my body’s response to stress, too tbqh.)

I’m satisfied (not full) after eating. Which means I’m actually eating less than before because I have one main meal (a late lunch) rather than lunch, dinner and all the snacks (eurgh!)…

And, I’m not craving snacks or sweets or chocolate! So, in celebration of this MAJOR VICTORY, I thought I’d share my two pasta dishes of the week.

Simple, tasty, nutritious… filling!

What are your best dishes to quell hunger and satiate empty tummies?

Find more (lighter) dishes on my Fabulous Foodie page, with my particular favourite and most relevant to promote during this covid-19 lockdown being 4 Healthy, Home-cooked Meal Ideas To Get & Stay In Shape.

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