2 Quick Tips To Overcome Challenges

So my Road To Rio (Olympic Games Journey) ended in tears in Texas on 30th April this year with an achilles tendon rupture. And two weeks later it was replaced with my Road to Recovery. And since then, that journey has not been easy. It has been littered with tears, tantrums and confusion (still is,... Continue Reading →

Road to Recovery: Striking the Right Balance

My rehab journeys always teach me something. On Monday, after a rather too-intensive 45-minute gym session, I realised I had failed to strike the right balance between pushing myself and pacing myself. Here was my Monday gym program: Cardio Cross trainer (10 mins) Rower (2km 100m "sprint"; 100m steady intervals, approx. 12mins) Steps (500 steps... Continue Reading →

Grief Road to Recovery: Breathe

My grief recovery process has been all about finding that state of flow again. And the same may go for you. This weekend make your healing all about finding that thing that gives you a sense of thankfulness and appreciation; your reason for waking up in the morning. Here are two of my oldest and dearest strategies for healing and general everyday abundant living:

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