You’re stronger than you think

I know there’s all this talk about ‘the power of thought’; how we must always have positive thoughts to produce positive results. (I write about that all the time!) But sometimes we don’t. And that’s okay. Sometimes we think we can’t make it. But we do. We keep breathing. We keep fighting. We keep moving forward and get through each day. How? Because we are stronger than we think.

One day you’ll face one of the toughest battles of your life and you’ll keep going. You’ll survive and you’ll thrive. And you’ll win the game of life. Because you choose to stand and not give up. Don’t believe me? Keep reading and I’ll prove it!

So I’ve just got home from hanging out with a girlfriend who I’ve not seen in at least 2 or so years face-to-face because she’s now living in Lagos, Nigeria. During the couple hours we spent together catching up (FUN! Happy. Yeah!) at least three or four times she exclaimed with disbelief: “I don’t know how you do it! You’re still hopping about as if nothing has happened. You’re acting as though you don’t have a big cast on your leg.”

Thanks girl! That’s just what I needed to hear to remind me that what I’m doing shouldn’t be taken for granted. I see my actions as a part of life – keep going – and to be honest, if she were in the same position she would most probably adapt too. And so would you! You’d be “hopping about as if nothing has happened” too.  Because that’s what we do. We’re adaptable. When we are backed into a corner we do what we think we cannot. And we do this ALL THE TIME.

Just because you’re slightly injured (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) doesn’t mean you are not able. You are. You can be. I am. I’m still doing everything  (almost) I want and need to do. I just need to ask for help a little lot more than usual.

So what does this mean for you? If you’re facing something difficult and you feel you can’t get through it; as though the fight is simply too tough just remember you can. Or don’t. Because sometimes it’s in your autonomous act of the doing (living & “hopping about as if nothing has happened”) you see your strength. Without consciousness or thought you keep moving through it all. Then you have a light bulb moment like I just did and realise a startling truth: you’re stronger than you think.

HOWEVER…if you think you’re not quite there yet (that was me a few weeks ago!), take a look at my recent blog posts on the healing & recovery process from my perspective!

(1) Accept where you are to move forward. (2) Breathe in positivity for each day ahead and breathe out thanks for being able to see a new day and embrace the opportunities in it.
(3) And create your joy. Because…ça va sans dire!

But most importantly, know that you’re stronger than you think. And even if your brain hasn’t quite grasped that concept yet, your body has. The fact you wake up and get on with your day is a victory in itself! Recognise that and then fight to make each day a little better than the one before.

Thanks for reading.
Be blessed!


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