You’re smarter than you think: Creating my first vlog!

What a phenomenal day! I created a 5 minute vlog. My first ever movie maker experience! It took me the whole of my Thursday evening and I don’t have a clue how many people if any will watch but what I love is the fact I did something I thought I’d never be able to do!

I’m not the most technologically astute. I get my little sister to download any movies or TV shows I want to watch and she pops them on to my hard drive. My usual request list, in case you were wondering, looks like this: Greys Anatomy, Scandal, HTGAWM, basically anything created by Shonda Rhimes… The extent of my tech prowess is posting blogs and uploading unedited content to YouTube. But tonight has been revolutionary! A FIVE MINUTE EDITED VIDEO! Like I said, it took me more like 5 hours to do it (a little less) but it was worth it. And now I’ve got the hang of it I’m sure it won’t take me half as long next time. Especially considering I basically completed it after a couple hours and then deleted it by mistake so had to start again from scratch. But I was not going to allow that error to deter me…so I persevered and HERE is the finished product! Ta da!! (It also features some exclusive & very exciting news too. Check it out!)

If you do watch it, please let me know what you think. I had fun creating it and feel such a big glow of pride and accomplishment that I can do more than just what I believe my God-given talent is. Every time I think it can only do so much (or so little) I’m constantly astounded by how God pushes me and shouts, “You can do more!” And it’s true. I can. And so can you!

What have you wanted to do for ages that you thought “it’s IMPOSSIBLE!” or “it’s too hard for somebody like me to grasp.”? Quit the excuses (like I just did) and go for it! You WILL surprise yourself!

If you read my latest blog (here) then you’re probably thinking what I’m thinking too…there’s clearly a theme running here. And yes I guess so too. But it wasn’t planned. Clearly God’s trying to tell us something!

So here is your message:
Not only are you stronger than you think; you’re also so much smarter and more capable than you can imagine! So DREAM & DO!

Thanks for reading!
Live your dream.

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