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Indoor Competition 1: Northern Champs, Sheffield (Jan 2019)

I made it to the top of the podium in Sheffield last weekend!
Number 172
Flying through the air representing the City of Manchester, Sale Harriers Athletics Club
I’m still working on the leg shoot! Waddya think?

I opened up with 6.29m and a medal. A gold one. I’m North of England 2019 Indoor Athletics Champion. Women’s Long Jump Northern Champ. And hilariously, I’m probably the number one female long jumper in the country right now (we’re only 16 days in, so it’s no biggie. hehe).

To me, that seems so small. It barely seems like a victory at all.

But, to my friends, family and followers, that’s 200+ Instagram likes.

Yes, that’s the generation you live in – where success is measured by the number of likes your picture received.

Joke. Kind of. Not.

Anyway, it’s a big deal to everybody else.

And that’s why this excess of positive comments, words of encouragement and support made me realise something.

In fact, this realisation is the first point of this post: You’re better than you think you are. (I’ve definitely said this before.) But I guess I wasn’t listening hard enough. So I’ll say it again…You’re better than you think you are.

What you perceive as small, particularly when honouring your unique capability (the thing you do better than others who know you; the thing that comes so easily to you)… well, that ‘small’ thing is bigger than you thought.

I’m thankful for the win. I’m thankful for the medal.

But I’m expectant for more. Because 6.29m may get me a gold at a regional British competition, but it won’t get me a GB vest or an Olympic medal.

I’m setting my sights higher.

And that’s the second and final message: You know your potential. Deep inside, you know. So, don’t settle. Go for more. Go for bigger and better.

What are you setting your sights on in 2019? What’s the big victory you’re determined to achieve?

I only pray you have a gang of supporters as loud, proud and encouraging as mine. And if not, share your goals with me and I’ll join your fan club!


Abs x

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