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New Year Dining – The Best “Quick” & Healthy Vegan Slow- Cooker Recipe Ever!


This ‘Chunky Winter Vegetable and Lentil Soup‘ , which you can find in the ‘Healthy Slow Cooker Cookbook’ by Sarah Flower, may just become your absolute fave winter warmer this year.

Try out the recipe above and find out why.

It’s ‘quick’ because it takes 15 uninterrupted minutes to chop all the veg, rinse the lentils and throw everything into the pot.

I used a ‘pull and chop’ slicer gadget for the majority of my veg to speed up the process and because my kitchen knives are ridiculously blunt and refuse to be sharpened (any new knife brand suggestions are welcome, please!). I bought the ‘pull and chop’ for less than a fiver at TK Maxx, Try the link above if you’re super keen to get your hands on one at the standard price, or check out a full list on Amazon for lots of other options.

It’s ‘slow’ because… slow cooker, duh! I go for 8.5-9 hours ‘low’ slow-cooking overnight whilst I sleep.

It’s such a good feeling to wake up to the smell of fresh soup and to then pour it into my ‘Hangry’ heat-insulated food flask knowing that I won’t have to contend with the endless queue for the office microwave at lunchtime!

Top Tip: Don’t puree. Transferring part of the contents to puree etc. is long, especially in the morning rush. Use a potato masher! It works perfectly. Your soup will be the perfect amount of chunky.

P.S. If you can’t find a leek, which is often my challenge, use 2 parsnips instead of 1. I’ve also never used the bay leaf, but I do use about 1-2 tbsp of parsley, black pepper and a heap of chilli.

How do you rate it? Did you try any of my ‘top tip’ and ‘p.s.’ variations?

P.P.S. If you’re wondering where the meat is, find out more about The 21-Day Daniel Fast here. These days, the physical aspect of the Daniel Fast is now termed ‘Veganuary’  to inspire people to try vegan, whilst the spiritual element is cast aside. But I love that the physical and the spiritual element truly go hand in hand with the purpose of creating holistic transformation in your life whilst drawing you closer to God!

Be blessed!

Abs x

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