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Acceptance: Healing Your Grief

Acceptance is the first step. I’ve written about acceptance before (here) and how it helps me to accelerate my recovery from my sporting injuries. I honestly believe I am one of the speediest healers; my physiotherapists and doctors often remark on this too. One team doc actually said what I was thinking a few years’ back: ‘You break easily, but you also heal faster than most people too.’ Or something along those lines.

Anyway, having written about acceptance in the past, it’s funny that it took having a brand new conversation with a wonderfully intuitive woman for me to finally ‘accept what is’ to move forward. Following this revelation, two weeks ago I shared a 30-second clip on my thoughts about acceptance (also below) – how I am now concentrating on my ‘Road to Recovery’ as opposed to the ‘Road to Rio’, which was my primary motivation for this season/year of my life. 2016 was not supposed to be about injury and disappointment; it was supposed to be about success, victory and fulfilling an Olympic dream! But, not everything in life goes to plan – well, my plan anyway. I still trust God’s hand is all over this seemingly disastrous situation. So I’m finally accepting it’s God’s way or the highway. I’m finally accepting the Olympic dream is done and dusted for 2016. I’m finally accepting.

What do you need to accept in your life?

Accepting is not acquiescing to defeat; it is simply nodding your head to ‘not yet’, ‘not now’ (perhaps ‘not ever’ because something better is on its way) and focusing on the new plan, the new direction your life is headed. Sometimes we are so enamoured in our own ‘plan’ we don’t see the opportunities in the dirt. Yes, I said that. The opportunities in the dirt. That really came out of nowhere but my image for that phrase is simply this: a garden. You may be lay face down in the mud and maybe all you can see is dirt. It’s not where you planned to be, but now you’re down there, make it look pretty. Plant some seeds, grow some flowers. Show yourself you can make beauty in disaster. Show yourself some ‘small wins’. And then when you can finally get to your feet again, your time ‘down and out’ has not been for nought.

No experience is ever wasted – no matter how bad or upsetting. There is always a blessing in the lesson. Find it, create it, experience it.

7 thoughts on “Acceptance: Healing Your Grief”

  1. I love this! It took me two years to claw and grieve my way through a difficult season in my life. Your story helps me to feel that life is not over even when something does not go your way. Thanks for sharing.

  2. You are a wise young lady. Why waste precious (unrecoverable) time thinking about what could have been, when you can spend this same time thinking about alternative future opportunities? Everything happens for a reason; you have already achieved so much in the world of competitive athletics, it is now time to discover your next purpose in life. Enjoy the adventure finding your next path to follow.

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