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2019 Outdoor Competitions – BEST UPDATE EVER!

I am the UK’s number one long jumper!

That feels AMAZING to say right now.

And I have a NEW PB!

This year has been such a dream.

I know some of you have been waiting on updates. (Thank you for your email prompts. It’s nice to know I’m actually writing for somebody, and not just myself! Ha)

What competitions have you been doing?

I usually update my blog with my upcoming schedule, but I’ve been lax with this, mainly because each competition has come as a bit of a surprise in this long outdoor season, unlike my well-planned Indoors..

My Indoor Competition Schedule

So, for those asking, here’s what my outdoor season has looked like:

May 2019

  • Bedford International Games, Bedford ENGLAND- 6.57m (1st)

June 2019

  • Filothei Women’s Gala, Filothei GREECE – 6.53m (1st)
  • Berlin Fleigt, Berlin GERMANY – 6.51m (3rd)

July 2019

  • Meeting de Marseille, Marseille FRANCE – 6.38/6.70m(w) (4th)
  • Folksam Grand Prix, Varberg SWEDEN – 6.38m (3rd)
  • England Athletics Senior Championships, Manchester ENGLAND – 6.36m (1st)

August 2019

  • European Athletics Team Championships, Super League, Bydgoszcz POLAND – 6.70/6.75m(w) (2nd)
  • IAAF Diamond League, Birmingham ENGLAND – 6.75m (4th)
  • British Championships & World Trials, Birmingham ENGLAND – 6.86m! PB! (1st)

How have you been jumping?

It’s crazy to say that some of my best competitions have resulted in low place finishes, e.g. Marseille and the Birmingham Diamond League.


These are competitions where I’ve made a breakthrough.

In Marseille, I FINALLY jumped over 6.50 (albeit slightly windy). I really needed that confirmation that I was heading in the right direction and had big distances in my legs. God always brings it at just the right time.

And in Birmingham, I FINALLY jumped the IAAF Doha World Champs standard!

Instagram Response

So despite finishing 4th in both competitions, often that just means I’m competing against a better, world-class field (always the aim), I’m jumping further and therefore, these competitions were my happiest by a long shot…

Except, of course for my competition yesterday…


Check out my social media for videos of the actual jumps!

5 thoughts on “2019 Outdoor Competitions – BEST UPDATE EVER!”

  1. Congratulations, Abi ! You have come back from hobbled and retired to become British outdoor champion and set a new PB, I believe 7 years after your previous PB. It is great to see your hard work pay off. At this rate, you could score a podium at Worlds ! We will be praying that you jump your best in Doha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thanks so much, Phil! Updated this for you as I knew you’d be keen to see the progress. Means a lot that you’re still following. Thank you for your prayers. 🙂 And yes… 7 years later!


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