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My World Athletics Championships Experience, Doha 2019

Hey! So I thought I’d have plenty of time over the two-weeks + stay in the Middle East to write up this blog. What a myth!

I believed the blog would be a positive distraction, a pleasant activity to relieve the boredom. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

I wasn’t bored. I didn’t need any other distractions.

In fact, I was more focused and more aware than ever of my competition, my training, my recovery, everything athletics-related. The idea of doing anything to upset that equilibrium of eat, sleep, train, repeat was anxiety-inducing.

But now I’m back down to earth, back in the real-world with rain, cold, heavy coats and big boots, I have the time. In fact, now I’m back, the reverse is true. I don’t even want to think about training or competing. Athletics, let’s take a break. Please and thank you.

Except for this moment, where I relive the occasions and share the best and the worst with you.

There were few lows. And they happened towards the end – in my final day. I finished 7th.

I tried so hard, but fell short. I couldn’t produce my best on a day where my best would’ve only placed me two places higher anyway. But in this I learned that I can’t always expect a miracle best jump in such a high-pressure environment. It’s not impossible, but it is tough. So, I am more aware than ever that next year, I need to leap to a consistently higher level of jumping throughout the season; not just as a one-off here and there.

There were many highs. Working backwards… I finished 7th…at the World Championships. I’m the 7th best female long jumper in the WORLD this year.

It took a few days to sink in.

Other highs… I visited Doha for the first time. I enjoyed Adidas hospitality on several occasions, where they served yummy, healthy food, creamy coffees, adorned us with gifts galore – jackets, jumpers, trainers; kept us busy with various activities, including hand-making tiny baby shoes with the three stripes (It wasn’t my finest hour…think I’ll stick to jumping), creating my sterling silver ‘blessed’ bracelet, and discovering the why behind the what we receive. I now understand why my spikes, trainers and clothing are designed with the materials, styles and patterns the design and engineering team use, what their vision is for the future and how the athlete is at the forefront of their thoughts to help us run, jump and throw faster, higher, further. I am truly blessed.

What else?

Meeting up with friends, exploring the Souq Waqif in Doha. Lounging by the infinity pool and going for a lazy rooftop swim in the late afternoon when the sun dipped low. The food. The dates. Date cake!

My rooms in Dubai and Doha were spacious and solo. I caught up with some old friends and grew closer to teammates new and old. I made some new positive connections too. I had a lot of fun. I smiled and laughed every single day. It was a happy experience overall.

My highlight was the daily experience of cheering on my British teammates and other athlete-friends from around the world, and being so encouraged by others – my family, friends, fans and team – in my own pursuit of excellence.

It would be overwhelming for me to try to articulate the full Champs experience. You already know what you’ve heard – it was hot and humid, phenomenal performances were achieved, records were broken, history was made. So hopefully, seeing the Champs through my eyes has given you a closer, more intimate insight into this athlete’s world for a fortnight.

Check out my social media for other highlights or ask some questions in the comments below! 🙂

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  1. Abi, thanks for sharing some of your Doha experience with us. To those of us who know you and have followed your jumping career for years, we are so proud of you and the great season you just completed at the Worlds. I can only imagine the energy inside the stadium as you watched the competition, and competed yourself. I know that the memories that you created in Doha, will be embedded in your brain for the rest of your life. Well done, on such a fantastic season !!

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