New Year, New Year… 2018

Happy New Year guys!

Bye 2017! You’ve been … something else, but I’m ready for this new year!

It’s my birthday today! I’m… guess how old I am?

Here’s my yearly birthday promise…I’ll be updating my blog more regularly this year with travel, fitness, food and fun posts… because those are the things in life that bring me most joy. And we must all live with the mindset of doing what brings us most joy as often as we can. Are you willing to agree with me on that?

What brings you most joy?

Share in the comments below. Or drop me a message. I’d love to know what you enjoy (or don’t enjoy) reading one here! 

Here’s a compilation of the past three days of my life so far… #mostjoy

This isn’t my usual style for my first post of a new year. Previous ones were about my goals to read more, blog more, etc. But it’s a few minutes to midnight (scheduled post, obvi) and I’m giving myself an edit-free ten minute shot at writing. And this is the product of that. Hey, free-flow isn’t all that bad…

Have an amazing 2018.

Top tip? Make appreciation & celebration a daily habit so that you can smile more & live with a higher level of self – confidence & resilience. Download your 4-Week Daily Gratitude Journal – Thankfulness And contact me for your free victory journal so we can schedule a time to walk through how to complete it and live your best life.

Thanks for being a part of my journey,


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