18 Questions to Ask to Stay Focused & Keep Growing – The Answers

Week Review: 1st Jan to 7th Jan 2018

What did I learn?

This week I learned: the hardest part is getting started. Once you get going, the momentum will carry you through to the finish and you’ll feel much lighter, happier and victorious for having started and finished! I have been putting off writing a bio to send to a company who have offered to welcome me to speak, but I’ve not sat down to do it because I couldn’t find the words to say to properly promote myself. Finally, I conquered the fear, prayed, started to type and…at first it was absolute garbage, but I didn’t delete. I pushed through. And the finished product may need a little bit of editing and tweeking here and there, but I hit ‘send’ nonetheless (to a trusted mentor, of course), he’ll review it and then I can take it from there! It wasn’t that hard, after all. 

(UPDATE 14.1.18 – I got the gig! Yay! I’ll write a post about this after the event, but it is already an exciting start to my year :))

What do you need to get started today? The worry about the thing is always greater than the thing itself. Remember: the hardest part is getting started. The easiest part is doing.

What was my greatest accomplishment?

Please see above! Triumph! Hallelujah. Victory!

I have it drummed into me time and again to celebrate my victories, which is the wisdom I try to share with you – my reader – as often as I can as well. THIS is my celebration. A large smile whilst typing this open week review/blog. If you want your own victory journal, contact me!

What is the #1 thing I need to accomplish this week?

… recruiting science tutors for my students!

What have I struggled with that might ruin this next week?

Getting to sleep before midnight. Why oh why must the concept of a 10 o’clock bedtime constantly evade me?! Oh wait! That may be because of these random brainstorms at twenty minutes to midnight… Oh, and the fact I love to watch an episode (or two) of Criminal Minds! What’s your regular struggle, guys? It’s good to recognise them because you can find a practical solution to ensure your next week is more productive, and the week after that, and the week after that, and… you get the picture. My solution? TV only at the weekends from now on! No weekday distractions, thanks.

What was last week’s biggest time sink?

Bed. Back to work on Tuesday though so no more lie-ins ☹

What have I avoided that needs to get done?

It would’ve been the ‘thing’ I mentioned in question 1, but now I’d have to say… calling HMRC! Taxes, taxes, taxes. Sigh.

What opportunities are still on the table?

Hmmmm… you’ll soon find out! WATCH THIS SPACE.

Who have I been meaning to talk to?

I’ve already scheduled meetings, sent emails and arranged calls with everybody on that list. You’ll soon find that completing regular reviews like this makes you more efficient in areas like this. Try it in Jan and let me know what you think.

Who deserves a thank you?

I’m liberal with my thanks. Thanks where thanks is due. Always.

How can I help someone else this week?

I don’t believe in sharing all good deeds on social media. But let me just tell you I have the biggest warm fuzzy feeling from the help I showed to another today on my wanderings around Manchester Town Centre.

Remember: You are blessed to be a blessing.

What’s the next step for my biggest goal?

See answer to: ‘What is the #1 thing I need to accomplish this week?’

What are my fears?

I watch too many episodes of Criminal Minds so I won’t be sharing them on here for fear that some criminal mastermind may use that against me…

Ok. I’ll give you two.

Mediocrity and insignificance.

What am I grateful for?

SO MUCH! I write in my gratitude journal EVERY NIGHT. And each morning I wake up and answer this very question, think, visualise and feel the gratitude to start me off on a positive note.

What is my biggest liability?

My propensity to sleep in favour of…everything!

How can I better show I value people?

Show up when they need me. Give them a call. Send a text. Make sure when I’m present I’m PRESENT, i.e. not on my phone. Any other ideas?

How did I grow last week?

I literally grew another year older. My birthday was Wednesday 3rd Jan. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

What am I excited for next week?

The actualisation of the thing I need to accomplish! A lazy Sunday and lie-in. Deep tissue massage. Skype date with a friend abroad. Earning more money. Reading through The Alchemist again.

What were my learning moments from the last week?

I run a tutoring agency in Manchester. At the moment, the demand is so high for tutors in certain areas that I am struggling to meet the demand. I want to be able to help everybody and I most certainly do not want to turn away business, but my main learning moment from the last week was: you can’t help everybody (at least not without the right resources anyway).

That’s me done, in less than a thousand words. Answering these questions, reflecting, pondering took me less than thirty minutes. Do you have thirty minutes to commit to completing a weekly review like or similar to this each week?

I took this review from a friend’s blog post and thought I’d try it on for size. It is a lot longer than my usual review and asks slightly different questions, but the premise remains the same – review, reflect, improve.

Are you willing to schedule a 20-30 minute weekly review to your 2018 resolutions?

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