Pursuing the Perfect 

Perfectionism stops you from starting, it stops you from finishing, it scares you into believing the lies that you’re not good enough and what you do isn’t good enough.

Perfectionism robs you not only of completion, but also of peace. Because peace is found in completion.

Perfectionism is wanting to post a perfect blog yet having 100+ drafts sat in your inbox and no blogs published in weeks or months.

Perfectionism expresses itself differently for everybody but I brought this up again because I saw its ugly head rear up in a colleague of mine recently. I didn’t do that task perfectly, so I can’t celebrate and I won’t be happy until it’s perfect. Those were his words, in less detail of course.

But these are mine: if you’re always waiting for ‘perfect’ to be happy then you’ll never be happy.

Perfectionism is an illusion and requisite for only a handful of occupations, such as space programs, aeronautical engineers etc. (He is neither).

Anyway, I’m waffling.

Perfect is attainable in some instances (I’ve got 100% in exams in my lifetime), but don’t waste your time pursuing perfectionism on the trivial.

Start and finish something. Aim high. And know that, even if you don’t hit perfect, you are enough.

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