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Are you good enough?

I’m not good enough as I am. What’s my gimmick? What’s my USP? What thing can I find about myself or my story to draw clients in?

Obviously I need a gimmick or USP because, by myself, I’m not good enough.

What’s the lie you’ve been telling yourself that has been limiting you or your potential?

That’s mine.

I’m not enough.

I’m not an Olympian.

I’m not an international superstar.

I’m just a British athlete with a fragile body (that seems to fall apart at the worst possible moments) and a few medals.

Commit to being fearless.

Commit to demolishing the lie.

Commit to replacing the lie with a life-giving truth.

This is mine:

I’m enough.

I’m more than a title.

I’ve won a British Championships, a Commonwealth Youth Games, and competed internationally across the world at European and World Championships.

I graduated with a law degree from one of the best universities in the world.

I’m world class both in and out of the long jump pit.

I am creating a future that will be better than my past and present.

I have the power to change, grow and improve daily.

I am enough!

What’s your new truth?


P.s. If this sounds familiar and you want to read more about overcoming your inner negative chatterbox, check out these articles with brill book recommendations. This woman is an incredible author and speaker who can help you tackle the ‘I’m not good enough’ talk head-on!


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