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1 Step You’ve Never Taken That Will Transform Your World

Extract from a journal entry after prayer the other day:

“Life is going really well.

I’m going to start expecting that each day will be beautiful, rather than wondering when the contentment bubble is going to burst.

I’m going to start eagerly expecting more from each day of my life – working, waiting and praying – anticipating a new miracle or blessing of ‘overflowing abundance’. (Isaiah 66:11).

I am on the cusp of something violently, unexpectedly wonderful.”

Why do we often wait for the other shoe to drop when life is going ‘too’ well?

Do your happy dance!

After many years of disappointments, negative experiences in love, life, career, relationships, finances etc. we are often conditioned to expect the worst even in the midst of great contentment or joy.

Reset your default to happiness. Expect the best. Keep believing that the best is yet to come.

I’ve been quoting ‘the best is yet to come’ since May 2016, but it was only yesterday that I fully expressed and became enveloped in the reality of those words – to truly believe the best is yet to come, and it’s happening each and every day.

Are you experiencing your ‘best’ yet? Take that one step…

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