Favourite Salad Keeping You Fuller for Longer!

“I hate salads because they never fill me up and they taste so plain. Even the thought of eating one makes me sad.”

“Salad is rabbit’s food!”

“Salad? No way! The only greens I eat are grapes and apples. (And sour skittles…)”

Well, that’s how I used to talk, anyway! These days I CRAVE salads if I go without fresh veg for too long.

How wild is that? My twenty-year-old self would never believe such heresy!

But, circa 2012, I turned over a new leaf (pun intended). I ate my first salad (it really was plain and tasteless) and didn’t do it with a smile on my face, that’s for sure !

November 2012, eating my first salad and looking very forlorn about it…

Then, I stepped away from the salad game for a while and dipped my toes in and out of veggies and vegan food for a year or two…until my first experience of The Daniel Fast in January 2015.

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For the past five years, I’ve learned to season my “tasteless” greens and add just the right amount of protein, carbs and fat to make one salad bowl a full, balanced meal.

(As you can see, it took me a few attempts… HA!)

So I want to share one of my “perfected” salads with you today…

Tasty Salad Recipe: (Serves 2-3 portions)

  • Superfood mixed, crunchy salad and spinach leaves – approx 100/150g
  • Beetroot, chopped x 2 pods
  • Feta cheese chopped into squares x 30-60g
  • Walnuts & Brazil nuts x 30g
  • Cranberries x 30g
  • Balsamic vinegar dressing x 1-2 tbsp

Mix together thoroughly and leave to stand for 30 minutes before serving. (It may look a little purple when mixed thoroughly due to the beets!)

Let me know if you try this and what you think.

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Please note: I am not a qualified nutritionist or dietician. My healthy-eating lessons come from my experience working with nutritionists over the last decade of my athletics’ career and experimenting with food that tastes great, is filled with the right balance of nutrients to make my gut happy and fuel my day, so that I can feel confident and happy in my own skin both stepping onto the runway at my ideal competition weight and living my daily life at home or the office.

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