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No Olympics, No Euros, No Season?

There is always hope.

That’s the spiel I’m constantly spouting, anyway.

But what happens when another major event is pulled from the competition calendar?

What happens when another ‘big’ one bites the dust?

Argh! Tbh, I was frustrated for a brief moment, gutted and then I moved on.

Again, it was like…I expected it. How much hope could we have had to bring thousands of athletes from across all the European nations to compete in one place? All the train, plane and automobile travel. All the shared space. All the lack of social distancing. I mean, let’s be real.

And yet, there is some hope because…

The British Champs are yet to be cancelled. (I was/am so looking forward to competing at a National Championships in my home city, Manchester as well!)

Check out pictures of the newly-laid track @MCRActive.

And even without any competitions this year, 2021 is around the corner.

So, we keep training…even if it’s on grass.

…or at home.

And pray they get a handle on this virus and open up a track soon.


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