Achilles Tendon Recovery Update: Weeks 12-18

On the day this photo was taken – August 30th – I had just left my physio’s office (Chris Bramah at Athlete Matters/Worsley Physio). As you can see, I had a smile on my face. Why? Because each and every time I leave his office, I share my progress with him and then receive an updated achilles tendon rehab program. I am then equipped and motivated to create further gains in my achilles tendon recovery. It’s such a beautiful upwards cycle, I can’t help but smile! 

Thankfully, my physio has been kind enough to give me permission to share his wisdom and secrets. I’m really glad that I have this platform to share my rehab program with you so we can have a full and speedy recovery together! (Speaking specifically to every member of the Achilles Tendon Recovery Facebook Group! You keep me motivated!)

So here is my latest video from week 12 to week 18 post-op. I’ve progressed from 20kg isometric holds to now holding 80kg with relative ease, which I’ll without a doubt push up incrementally to at least 90kg by the end of this week! (Target: 150kg by 30th October, but I suspect this may be reduced to 10-15 second holds at this weight. I’ll let you know!).

P.s. I forgot to mention in the video that I do these two exercises 3 x per week. My physio would prefer it to be 5x but unfortunately I can’t commit to more than 3 workouts per week, both for my mental/emotional and physical well-being. Do as much or as little (at least once per week) as you like, therefore, and you WILL see progress. 

If you are between 6-12 weeks post-op of achilles tendon repair, check out my other progress updates here for specific rehab programs and videos, and subscribe to receive updates about more instructional videos on Youtube. 

Best of luck! 

Share how you get on in the comments below or on the video on YouTube. Do you have any rehab tips I perhaps have missed out?

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