There’s not enough time!

There’s more than enough time. 

Those who feel as though there’s not enough time, live as though there’s not enough time – rushed, frazzled, panicked, anxious, in a feeling of lack – like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. 

I’m guilty of this stress-inducing lifestyle choice from time to time. 

But I’m so thankful that today I had an epiphany, light-bulb, aha moment that felt so relieving I had to share it with my readers. I want you to breathe a sigh of relief and sleep easier tonight too. I want you to know that you have enough time. How? 

As usual, the answer boils down to perception. 

See time as more than 24 little hours or 7 days in your week. 

Don’t schedule everything in one day or week. Spread the load. 

Say ‘no’ immediately if you aren’t keen on attending an event; when you do say ‘yes’, commit wholeheartedly and make every effort to turn up on time and be present (mentally & emotionally).

Book-end your day with thanks, using a gratitude journal, for example. 

See time in bigger terms – a month (744 hours/28-31 days), year (8,760 hours/ 365/6 days), or even decades. One decade equates to 10 years/120 months/520 weeks/3,650 days/ 87,600 hours).

What could you achieve in that time?

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