Losing it! Finding flow.

Dear Friend who asked me why I’ve been so lax lately in updating my blog, here’s my truth…

I’m struggling to get a post out a week, let alone one a day or one every couple of days, as was my original plan. Why? Blame…

(1) Busyness. (You guessed right!) I alluded to that fact in a previous post about a week or two ago. (I can’t remember exactly when. Time flies by so fast these days!)

(2) Weird writing voices. For example, right now, I’m so sleepy, I’m not even writing in my usual blog voice. This post reads so alien. In fact, each time I type these days, my own words read so strangely to me. My first thought is, fuh real, Abs? Is that how your brain speaks? And then I press ‘delete’. But tonight/this morning I’m like…

But who cares! At least I’m back, right? Right?

((Yikes! This post definitely reads alien.))

I’ve also been distant because of…

(3) Crazy expectations. Like, on Sunday I set another unrealistic blogging target for myself. (I was clearly sleeping when the rest of the world was told about ‘SMART’ goals!) I tried to write 5 blog posts in one sitting, despite knowing I work best in 50-75 minute stints, and clearly 5 posts written and edited would take muuuuchhh longer than 75 minutes (especially the way I can waffle on at times). Not only that, but I also had less than 2 hours before I planned to leave the house to arrive on time to serve at my evening church service. Yup, I was being majorly delusional!

So now, I’m going to be more practical – she says, typing through a mild state of insomnia in the early hours of the morning. *weeps a little*

Here’s my practicality: I’ll write at least 3 posts per week. But they’ll be short and sweet, for the mostpart; potentially anecdotal, mostly random and always informative.

Why? Because…

I like to write, even when my writing flow is off-kilter.

I also know the only way to regain your flow is to practice, practice, practice.

And finally, writing allows me to decompress, provides space for my thoughts to breathe, and helps me to spread an often-positive message to uplift and encourage.

So here’s the purported uplifting part…

Writing this post has been a challenge, mostly because I’m struggling to think of anything interesting and engaging to share. However, because I am so keen to get back on the bandwagon – no matter what – and to regain my flow and consistency, I’m going to hit the ‘publish’ button anyway. (‘Schedule’)

It’s scary, uncomfortable and challenging; it’s a massive stretch for me right now. But I’m gonna make this ‘3 posts per week’ thing happen… no matter what.  To help me along the journey, would you like to join me by finding and completing your own Challenge?

Challenge: Get uncomfortable. Stretch yourself. An athlete always has the mindset of working beyond his or her comfort zone; that’s the key to progress and excellence. What can you do today or this week that will stretch you and move you closer to becoming the best you and living your ideal life? What can you commit to? Whatever it is, just do it!

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