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Stretching in the sun

Here are a selection of some of my favourite stretches pre, post and between exercising sessions. I’ve basically used this post to share a few stretching pictures and tips. I hope you don’t mind!

Below: This is my numéro uno. All these stretches will be held for about 30-40 seconds, unless otherwise stated. And then released to switch to the other side. (Balance is key, of course!) You can find out more about some of these types of stretches (pic 1, 2 & 4) and more by searching on Google or YouTube for “Guy Voyer” and/or “ELDOA”.

Above: My glutes (gluteus aka derrière aka bottom) are always in need of a stretch, particularly after an intense weights or conditioning session.

Below: this is an active movement stretch whereby I curve my spine high like a cat and then low as shown in the picture below. It gets my spine warmed up for more high intensity movement.

Below: I absolutely adore this hamstring Voyer ELDOA stretch. The photo below was taken a little too soon, so my head should be tilted a little more up and in and my arm ought to be straighter. My foot is tilted inwards. For a comprehensive tutorial on setting up the right positioning for the perfect stretch, visit: https://youtu.be/_1XselLMUBY

Last but not least, I like to pull my knee upwards like this to check the resistance in my hip area and to loosen any tightness. This can be held like this for a few seconds and then released to switch sides.

I love these because everybody can do them once they’ve learned how. From athletes training for and competing at the Olympic Games and Olympic Champions to Mrs. Russell down the street (completely fictional character) aka Joe or Joanna Bloggs, anybody can have a go and feel healthier and more flexible for fitness and life.

So there you have it: a quick post on a few of my stretch favourites.

What are your faves?

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