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12 Fun Things to Do in 2019

Because everyday should fill you with joy and make you smile. And when you’re looking forward to at least one ‘big’ event each month – planning, reflecting, etc. – you’re sending signals to your brain to be happy, to be hopeful and to believe in better days. So here’s my list…

  1. Ice skating 
  2. Baking Class
  3. Cookery Class
  4. Wine Tasting
  5. Cocktail Making
  6. Travel around the UK, e.g. York, Chester, Glamorgan, etc.
  7. Hike
  8. Visit friends in California/West Coast of America
  9. Join a book club
  10. Art Class
  11. Writing Class
  12. Coding Classes (I have already trialled Codecademy, which I’d really recommend for clueless techies like myself. We will get there!)




P.S. I hit my first ‘fun’ activity on my 29th birthday (3rd Jan) with my school-friend, Emily. What a way to open up my year, huh!

What activities will you include on your list?


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