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Business-Builders – Three Top Tips for SMEs, Startups and Entrepreneurs in Manchester, UK

How would you like to start your own business in Manchester without a hitch?

Imagine if, from day one of opening your business, you have the exact number of clients you’ve been dreaming of and more?

Wouldn’t you like to be able to offer your high-quality service or product to everybody in your target area and target market straight away? No advertising. No marketing. No nothing.

Me too!

But unfortunately, that wasn’t to be (for me, anyway). But I’d love to help YOU make your business dreams a reality quickly and as pain-free as possible.

Even if I can only give you ONE piece of advice that helps you move forward even 1%, I’ll be happy to have made an impact. (After all, 1% of £1 million is £10,000! Not bad, huh.)

As is reminiscent of the majority of my blog post series’, this business-building series will be based on personal learning experiences (challenges/problems turned business education) that I’ve endured so you don’t have to. This will, therefore be helpful for any new business owners, start-ups, entrepreneurs, wantrapreneurs, small and medium businesses, et al. I’ll be adding a separate page for future posts so subscribe today to be kept updated or join the mailing list to receive business-builders posts.

These are my ‘if I knew then what I know now’ moments, coupled with my ‘I can’t believe that worked!’ highs. Keep reading to find out how to get more of the latter success, and less to none of the former failures!

Who am I and why read this blog?

Having competed for Great Britain in the women’s long jump for over a decade, I am building businesses, writing blogs and creating video and other media content to make an impact beyond the sand pit. At the moment, that impact mainly centres around providing excellent education – academically and holistically through Manchester Tutors and AMPLIFY Learning.

Manchester Tutors provides excellent private tuition in homes and schools across Manchester and Cheshire in the majority of academic subjects from primary school up to university degree level for children, teens and adult-learners; whilst AMPLIFY Learning is a lifestyle and professional coaching company focused on equipping business leaders with the tools to be resilient, excellent and healthy in their approach to leadership, management, and communication with clients and their teams. Skills taught include: learning to succeed under pressure, overcoming downturns and obstacles, and learning to manage yourself so that you’re continually bringing your best, healthiest, most energised self to work and life every single day.

What gives me the gall to run two businesses simultaneously whilst also continuing to tutor, lift PB performances and live life?

That athlete mentality and applying the keys shared within AMPLIFY Learning programs, especially keeping encouraging, wise and knowledgeable people around me.

Remember: Surround yourself with people who elevate your level of thinking. Always.

So, that’s a quick introduction to my business profile. Keep reading for three quick tips to help you build a successful business from nothing…


Three quick tips for building your business:

  • Get a business mentor (or several). If you’re under-30, check out the Prince’s Trust for mentorship opportunities with some of the best businesspeople in your area. It is open to young people across the UK, not solely in Manchester.
  • Act now. It is best to try and fail than to never try at all. Don’t live with regrets, guys. So many people I know tell me, ‘I’m going to start a business someday’, but ‘someday’ never comes. Act now. You may not have the first idea about building a business; neither did/do I, but I am taking it day by day and learning along the journey. Some lessons have been tough (I’ll share as much as I can in future blog posts when I have a moment), but I can honestly say that doing it this way has been supremely beneficial and I wouldn’t have done it any other way (mostly!).
  • Google your business. Do you know the saying, ‘there is nothing new under the sun’? It’s true. Inventions and ideas seem to all be replications or variations of what has already been done. I run a tutoring agency. There are at least one hundred tuition agencies across the UK, and I’ve no doubt there are several across Manchester too. Did that stop me? No. Does this mean I shouldn’t operate this business in the Manchester market? Certainly not! The same goes for you. It positively means you have other business models to follow. You can undertake some fantastic research simply by googling what you do, e.g. googling ‘successful tutoring agency models’ enabled me to discover a tool which is integral to the way I run my business and improved my efficiency and output by at least a gazillion per cent (not literally). I run my whole agency through it, but I wouldn’t have known that this product even existed without researching successful tuition agency models and trialling the treasure I discovered. Do the same for your business and you’ll save yourself a great deal of work.

Any other tips you think I’m missing? There are, of course, so many more. But, alas, time commitments, sleep, running businesses, maintaining healthy relationships with God, self, family and friends, eating, working out, etc. etc. keep me from being able to commit more than 20-30 minutes every few days to write.

If you have any questions about business growth and development in Manchester or wherever you are, drop me a message or leave a comment below. I’ll get back to you directly or you may even inspire a future blog post!

Happy Business-Building!

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