Seeing is believing!


I have such awesome news to share with you guys, but I have to keep schtum until I have everything confirmed. I feel like we really do create our own luck sometimes. And certainly our own happiness. I’m happy because I’ve made a choice to challenge myself beyond what I’m used to in a new way than I’m used to as well. That’s what’s making me smile: this new plan that I’ve put in motion for my better future.

As much as my situation remains relatively unchanged, I can see it won’t always be this way. And that gives me hope and excitement. My future truly will be brighter than my past or present. Tomorrow will be better. The best is yet to come. I posted that a few weeks ago now but those were simply words on a page. Now those words have gone from head (to computer screen) to heart. Now I truly believe them. “The best is yet to come” is a time-honoured truth. So believe it.

From the Archives

I discovered this post sitting in my drafts from June/July 2016 so thought, since I’m struggling to post regularly, why not post this light-hearted, enthusiastic post! It’s always exciting when there’s something new on the horizon. I believe the excitement above was in relation to my media bookings with British & England Athletics for track and field events across the UK that summer and the following year’s indoor and outdoor season.

Having the expectation of something new is exciting and fills you with hope! What’s coming up for you that you’re excited about?

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