AMPLIFY, Success

Unleashing your Raw, Unedited, Authentic Self in less than five minutes!

I want to present to you the raw, un-edited version of myself and my thoughts. So I set a timer for five minutes and I’m going to let my thoughts flow…


Because it seems my forever-problem in the blogosphere is actually posting a blog! And surely that is the purpose of having a blog site, right? To post. And share. And interact.

But how can I interact with you and you with me if I never, or rarely, post?

My other problem is that I plan so many things in the day that I have no, or limited time to breathe and reflect. And reflection is key for growth. Particularly when you are going through challenging times. You must make space to ask yourself, ‘why?’ and then to follow up with the ‘how?’

Why was today so challenging/upsetting/depressing/frustrating/disappointing?

How can I make tomorrow easier/happier/more enjoyable/more exciting/less frustrating?

About ‘less frustrating’: I don’t want to type that, but I’m under a time-constraint so I’ll allow you to figure out the antonym to ‘frustrating’ and add that in there for yourself? I only say that because when you are trying to figure something out, you should reframe the negative emotion into a completely new positive emotion that does not feature the negative word at all – in the same way you might replace a negative affirmation with a positive affirmation so that ‘I am injury-prone’ becomes ‘I am healthy and whole’ rather than ‘I am not injured.’

Do away with the double-negative, and be wholly positive!

Time’s up.

What would you write in just five-minutes?

Challenge yourself and I’d love to read your results!

Aunty C and Me at Peechy Keens, Printworks 15 April 2017
If ever there was an example of how to express yourself with authenticity, this pic is it! My Aunty C is the definition of authentic, free-spirited self! #NoFilter 😉

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