Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.

I’ve not posted in a while – my last post being at the very start of September and my last one before that being at the start of August

Apologies for those of you who care or follow my blog. 

‘Why have you been absent?’ You ask.

To which I respond: What do I even write about now that people want to hear or read about?

What do people care about?

So I guess, first and foremost, I should type from the heart – speak about my passions. Because that’s what I *emphasis added on I* care about. 

I am passionate about…

Education. High-quality education. Sports – me competing well in them. Law? Relationships and friendships.

No New Friends?

I really feel valued by my incredible friends who are making space and time and effort to travel all the way down – it’s actually ‘up’ – to Manchester. It’s wet and dreary here. It’s also about 5 degrees colder than London and about 10-15 degrees colder than the rest of Europe. Sad place. But happy when my friends come to town! Yay!

I mention this because one of my uni friends visited today from London. We strolled through The John Rylands Library (first time for us both) specifically to experience the Women who shaped Manchester exhibit which gave us a small insight into the women who shaped Manchester over the last century and a half. The exhibit featured pictures, commentary and letters from the infamous Emmeline Pankhurst, but also other influential women who effected change in all spheres – in theatre, in healthcare, in education and politics and in the workplace.

Honestly, I was blown away. And I really should add this to my travel blog series because if you do ever find yourself fin this wonderfully wet and dreary city in the next few months (exhibit ends in March 2019, I think), check it out.

What’s new with me?

Business – Manchester Tutors – check it out. I won’t hark on about that, except to say that I recently entered into an incredible contract with a big organisation in Manchester, and I am *enjoying* the challenge it brings. Enjoying…hmmm….maybe I’m pushing through and enjoying the growth that I know will inevitably stem from this and is already taking place because of it – not solely monetary business growth, but more-so personal and professional internal growth which is throwing me (pretty much against my will, but I won’t complain!) into new territory – enhancing my skills in leadership, organisational efficiency and procedural compliance. I’m a fish out of water. But I’m thankful for the incredible support network I have around me enabling me to thrive through the challenge [note to self: think of a synonym for challenge…].

Two Organisations that have supported my professional growth:

NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator – supporting start-ups and established businesses, including fintechs with mentoring, office space, workshops, potential collaborative opportunities and more. Hubs are based across the UK, including Manchester and London.

Kingdom Business – Audacious Church has a mission to serve and empower people to excel across seven gateways, one of which is business. The other gateways include: entertainment and media, sports and education. In my role as athlete, private tutor, intermittent blogger/vlogger/interviewer and entrepreneur, I straddle all of these gateways. It’s exciting. And at times overwhelming. But attending Kingdom Business events and Business life groups and being mentored by some fabulous business people within church whose core values align with my own is an incredible blessing. I am grateful to be part of a church that can provide support in these areas.

If you’re in the UK and a business owner or entrepreneur, a wantrapreneur (on your way to becoming an entrepreneur) or an intrapreneur (you don’t own your own business, but you are innovative within your workplace), NatWest Accelerator is for you.

If you’re in Manchester and want to get involved with a church with a passion for supporting business growth, check out Kingdom Business.

In sport… tomorrow is DAY ONE of my second year return to the sand pit. You can see how my first year journey went here or sign up to my Motivational Newsletter for monthly(ish) updates. But your best bet to keeping in step with everything I’m up to in sport, fitness and general fun and life is to follow me on Twitter or Instagram. I am going to upgrade my phone tomorrow because the camera is no longer functional and has not been for a few months now (partly why I haven’t written a blog because I like my blog to be accompanied by personal pictures!). So I’ll DEFINITELY be on top of the updates from next week.

So, I guess this is the end.

That’s okay because I’ve broken my dry season of irregular blog posts (hopefully) and THAT’S the main point of this blog. So whether this post rocks (like, like, like!) or flops (*silence*)… frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn. (Guess the film…?)

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