Skimp & Save – 2 Temporary Cutbacks When Broke

​I’m on my way to London on the Megabus! How crazy is that?! This must be the second time I’ve gone by coach between London and Manchester. Due to financial constraints, of course. My preferred mode of transport along this particular route has and will always remain a quick 2 hour 10 minute Virgin Train. Not even a flight can beat that, particularly when you factor in the bag check and other disappointingly slow components of flying. There’s also so much more room, freedom and tables on trains! 
Anyway, unfortunately I’m not on a train today. 
It makes me sad to make certain cutbacks like this. But needs must. 
It is very unusual for me to skimp on travel. It’s not like I  ever regularly fly first class, but I’ve definitely experienced a few free and air-mile sponsored upgrades to Premium Economy and First Class. And let me tell you…that first flight back down to cattle class – sorry – economy following an upgrade is painful. I’m there wallowing in self-pity thinking to myself, but I should be turning left not right! And now, only a year on from luxurious travel freebies, I’m travelling coach. Literally. 
Here’s another skimp and save – hair and beauty! Oh boy, does that suffer! In every photo for the last week or two I’ve been strategically angling my head so as to avoid people catching my “picky” hair. The hair looked oh so fresh about three weeks ago, but now it’s crying out to be changed. 

It’s ALL about the strategic angling…or no photos at all on bad hair weeks!

However, I do have an indisputable, rather-suffer-than-skimp zone. Amongst other things, this zone includes healthy food. It’s because I’m living with that athlete mentality; I’m pretty certain that will never leave. It’s because I wrote a series of healthy eating blog posts I truly believe in. (Who remembers ‘The Fabulous Foodie’?) It’s because I am certain of the benefits of healthy eating, general health and fitness on success and peak performance in every area of life. It’s not just the exclusive domain of an elite athlete. Hands up if you’ve ever experienced the post-lunch slump. Is that a yes from everybody?  Guess what?. Eating the right healthy foods can combat that so you’re properly energised throughout the day. That’s more than enough reason for me not to skimp!
I guess on first sight it may seem weird that I care more about my diet than my appearance, but it’s a simple and worthwhile trade-off for the moment really. A healthy diet affects my internal functioning and external appearance; whereas a nice hairstyle is predominantly physical and external. I say predominantly because sometimes I am in such a low self-esteem head space that the external can adversely affect my internal to the point where something has to be done, i.e. I use a new hairstyle and makeover to make me feel better on the inside. Don’t judge me! I’m only human. 
So there you have it. Traveling coach with awful hair sucks, but they’re all part of the sacrifices I am making to live within my means and avoid unnecessary debt. 
How about you? If you are going through financial challenges right now or have done in the past, what areas did or do you grudgingly cut back in? And what areas did or do you point-blank refuse to lower your standards in?
I’d love to read some cost-saving initiatives!

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