Can we all be inspirational? 

Inspirational people give us an example of what can be done in similar circumstances with the right grit, knowledge and determination. For example, some athletes were and are inspired by my level of perseverance despite numerous injury setbacks. They have told me that my performances and ability to achieve great things post-injury gives them hope and confidence that they too can achieve the same success and better. The same is true when I see athletes overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles to later achieve incredible success. I can’t help but feel inspired.

On that same subject, a few years ago I was inspired by a Christian woman who came up to me – a perfect stranger – on the London underground tube to ask me if she could pray for healing and peace for my injured leg. (I was on crutches at the time and probably looking very forlorn and dejected so my injury was highly visible.) To be honest, at first I found it strange and uncomfortable, but after that came a feeling of respect and awe at this woman’s confidence to display her faith and speak to God on my behalf not knowing whether I was a Christian or not; not knowing whether I would laugh in her face or accept her kindness. This confident act of Christian faith inspired me to a higher standard in my own Christian walk. I want to be that person who boldly asks somebody if they would like prayer. I want to shout of God’s faithfulness even in the midst of my storms.

These instances and many more since have revealed to me a truth few of us realise: the title “inspiring”  is not only reserved for a select few. We can all be inspirational.

For example, everybody in the blogging community is sharing a little bit of the inspiring part of themselves because inspiration releases creativity. How? Through meditating on their experiences in a way that inspires words of wisdom that have the power to change others’ lives for the better. If in response to a blog post, words or actions of another you’ve ever thought, “I didn’t think I could do that, but now I think I can,” then you have been inspired. If you’ve ever said or done something that has led to another person creating positive change in their life, you have been inspiring. Inspiration, therefore, is a two-way street: if you have the capacity to be inspired you have the capability to be an inspiration.

Who has inspired you lately? Has it changed the way you live life? How can you inspire somebody today?

Share your thoughts and responses in the comments below. I’m excited to read them!

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