I’m Over It. I’m Restored.

Any time you get a little bit out of your comfort zone, creativity must ensue. That’s what I was reawakened to this weekend. It’s actually a natural by-product of moving out of your comfort zone – or in my case, being pushed out like an unwilling fledgling bird (what’s the name of a baby bird) being forced to learn how to fly. But at the same time, as we all know, leaving the comfort zone is a place of growth, stimulation and ultimately allows you to spread your wings and fly. In those moments, it is fly or die; risk or ruin, fall or stand.

So I’ll get to the point. My push out of the safe bird’s nest is being forced to re-evaluate my dream, vision of the next few years and my career. (I’ll let you know when my creativity kicks in!) My ‘fly or die’ is a career-sabotaging injury. And as we all know, it’s not the event or situation that determines our lot in life; it is our response to that event that determines our outcome. It can be positive or negative. I choose positive. Finally.

I say finally because it took a while. Exhibit A (blog post here) and Exhibit B (another blog post here) are testament to this. But better late than never, eh? At least I eventually showed up to my celebratory party. Cheers to new beginnings! Hurrah! I may be three weeks late but I am FINALLY getting back on my feet – figuratively, not literally (one leg is still out of action).

But what even is the purpose of this post? To celebrate the thing that got me out of my major slump and dejection; the moment when my soul was restored. It wasn’t a moment, but a series of moments and nuggets of Godly wisdom more precious than gold, raw praise and worship from the heart and spirit, an atmosphere of expectancy for the miraculous, and in honouring and celebrating the achievements (and struggles) of others – the lead pastors of one of my ‘home’ churches, Hope City (1 Church, 12 Locations) – I was able to see the possibility of victory in my situation even despite the hopelessness I’ve been feeling lately.

And sorry (not sorry) in advance if you’re an unbeliever. This one is all about giving glory and honour to the Most High God! Because even in the darkness I am now able to see the light. And if that isn’t enough to make me praise and glorify Him I don’t know what is.

Little treasures from this weekend of celebration, praise and spiritual restoration.

I can’t really put into words the power of this weekend. It was the 25th Anniversary of the realisation of a dream for hope in the city of Sheffield – Hope City Church. You had to be there! And as my fluorescent orange wristband screams: ‘I was there’. If you weren’t, get booked in for next years’ Whitefields Conference! And if you want to check out this healing, restorative God-thing, contact me (I’d be happy to answer your questions and/or pray with/for you) or visit my church websites (they’re worldwide).

Audacious Church (2 Locations – Manchester & Chester UK)

Hope City Church (12 Locations Worldwide)

Dream City Church (2 Locations – Phoenix & Scottsdale Arizona USA)


P.S. The speakers at the conference this weekend were absolutely incredible. You just HAVE to check them out.

Jurgen Matthesius, Lead Pastor at C3 Church San Diego spoke three times and just got better and better! I’d never heard him before this weekend and if you haven’t either join me now & check out this recent sermon…

Pastor Glyn Barrett, Senior Pastor of Audacious Church (my other, but actual ‘home’ home church) also brought a word that touched my heart. As did Pastor Ray Bevan, evangelist extraordinaire & praise powerhouse!


P.P.S. To sum up in a sentence or two what ultimately restored me this weekend it would be this:

Abigail, let go of how you see yourself and embrace how God sees you. When you look at yourself and your situation through the lens of Heaven you know the best is yet to come.

If you’re in the midst of a storm, insert your name above and read it out loud (coupled with some YouTube inspirational vids like the one above!).

I hope this helps you too wherever you are at right now in life.

Be blessed. x



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