God gives grace to the humble.

Even if it is a forced humbling, I guess that still counts too!

2016 started with genuine loving friends and acquaintances who showed their love and kindness in such a way that humbled me with gratitude to them and God.

It’s humbling when you are on the brink of broke…or actually broke! I keep declaring, ‘I am rich and wealthy’, and I’m definitely working hard to earn as & when I can, but declaring it is one thing and seeing it is another. Thankfully, the trick in this situation is to change your perceptions and ‘rich and wealthy’ takes on a new form…

I am rich and wealthy.

Financially, I have never been in a worse position ever in my whole entire life. I’m sure I had more money in my bank account as a 6 year old than I do as a 26 year old. Eeek. That’s never what one wants to hear or see or even put in writing for anybody to read. But, that’s the truth.

In all other realms though, I am overflowing with riches.

My emotional, mental, spiritual and physical bank account is thriving. How? Friends, strangers, acquaintances, random acts of kindness, the acknowledgment of the ‘smallest’ miracles that fill me with thanks. (That reminds me of #LoveUp or #LovePup – popular radio-show hosts’ JohnJay&Rich’s awesome movement. In a recent interview, JohnJay was celebrated for having housed almost 370 dogs since starting this… Check it out if you’re in the Phoenix area, buy a LoveUp shirt to support the cause, and take a sneak peak on his Instagram or Twitter!)


Back to the humbling….so here’s how my life goes at the moment: I check my bank account and feel like screaming or crying or both at the sad wretchedness of it all (yes, I’m a drama Queen). I hold my breath anytime I use my card in the store and pray to God to not let it be declined (the shame!). I’m even eager to return home to England (to SNOW, RAIN & COLD!) to reduce my outgoings and start earning a little again. (On the plus side, my budgeting skills are on fleek!)

YET, my neighbour’s words make me bizarrely thankful for this time in my life:

‘Always give people the opportunity to bless you.’

And it made me realise how truly blessed I have been during this time with rides from my neighbour and training partners to and from the track, and the prayers I receive from friends and family, and having enough even though it isn’t the abundance I want right now or am used to. It also takes me back to all the times when I was able to extend blessings to others by providing them with a lift home from the track, or picking up their tab at the store or over lunch or dinner, or getting a round in at the bar. Life runs in cycles. Right now, I’m on a pretty low cycle, but when my time comes back around again, I will be evermore aware of ways in which I can and will bless others.

As for right now, I have the blessing of time so I am making an effort to volunteer at a women’s refuge nearby my home. I am equally excited to help pioneer the Altis world blog page. I also want to raise awareness of the different talents and skills all athletes have beyond the track. Visit Biz-Hub to find out more and to access elite products and services. And there are so many other projects and activities I am working on. Writing is a hobby turned passion turned way to inspire and uplift myself and others. My most recent piece on Robin Bone: I am Robin Bone garnered over 2,000 views within one week, so if you haven’t read it, get reading and be inspired! Canadian’s certainly know how to support their home-grown talent!  I can’t wait to find and feature the next inspirational individual in February. Watch this space.

And my final thoughts? Be thankful. Wherever you are. Whatever you do. Count your blessings.

Thanks for reading. Be blessed.

Abs. <3

me and neighbors
My lovely helpful neighbours behind a beautiful Phoenix sunset on Saturday evening! May God bless them. 16.1.16

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4 thoughts on “Humbled”

  1. You are a very blessed person with many talents and skills. Many people live an entire life without meaning and purpose. You are only 26 years old and have already accomplished more for yourself AND OTHERS as you volunteer your time to affect the quality of people’s lives.
    Think about this quote when you feel down about your current financial status.

    “I once knew a man that was so poor, the only thing he had was money.”

    Stay healthy and happy!

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