Miracle Monday

The Power of Happy

I feel happiest when…

I am laughing and reminiscing with family and creating new memories.

…when I am living freely…what I mean by that is care-free, pressure-less occasions, when there is no ‘you must do this or that’. Like when I was on the retreat in Texas: mountain-biking and playing in the water.

I love the sun and drinking cocktails because they’re sweet and social.

I feel happy when I’m not left alone to my own thoughts. I don’t like feeling lonely. Life is about relationships, nurturing them, loving and being loved – these are the most important, cherished things.

I am happiest when I am in a full and real embrace with a loved one. Hugs.

I feel happiest when I am victorious. And when I am laughing or smiling. What or who provokes my gut laughter, the type of laughter where I snort almost uncontrollably, the type where I can’t get my words out I am laughing so hard and so much? That’s the million dollar question.

That’s why I miss home and my heart longs to be back in England right now with my family and my close, laughter-inducing friends. And my car. So I can drive over to see them. And the familiar places to dine out or to go out and have fun. And I find I don’t often get homesick, but when I do it is ALWAYS, ALWAYS during the holidays – the festive periods that are meant to be filled with real, genuine love and connections. That’s why I ask myself: ‘I am happiest when…?’ So I can find out and do that thing, and laugh.

The holidays have been a struggle. When are your most sorrowful moments and how do you pick yourself up and keep smiling? You can find a couple of my ‘keep smiling’ strategies in a previous post here & read ‘Keep Smiling’ to discover the benefits of smiling to overcome adversity and sadness.

Last night when I wrote the above words (‘I am happiest when…’) into my personal journal, I wept a little, then prayed, read the Bible and hopped to YouTube to play a couple songs that uplift my spirit. One of my current favourites is: ‘Soar’ by Meredith Andrews. Check out the uplifting YouTube playlist here. Whilst listening, I penned these three patterns below to relax and calm my spirit. It all worked.

20151228_090638 (2).jpg

20151228_090659 (2).jpg

20151228_090649 (2).jpg
Fill the page with as many positive words as you can! It helped to play the uplifting music whilst doing this.


7 thoughts on “The Power of Happy”

  1. I feel I’m my happiest when I’m “in my zone”. Reading, writing, sharing ideas with liked minded people, listening to music, all contribute to my happiness. Really good read abigail

  2. Listening to music actually change the mood, it works for me all the time. It’s good that instead of felling sad you occupied your-self into something creative. The patterns looks beautiful.

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